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Lambeth Conference,

convocation at Lambeth Palace, London, that brings together all the bishops in the Anglican CommunionAnglican Communion,
the body of churches in all parts of the world that are in communion with the Church of England (see England, Church of). The communion is composed of regional churches, provinces, and separate dioceses bound together by mutual loyalty as expressed in the
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. It meets about every 10 years at the invitation of the archbishop of Canterbury and is the principal instrument of international Anglican life, although it has no legislative authority over the national churches. The first convocation was held in 1867, the thirteenth in 1991.


See A. Stephenson, Anglicanism and the Lambeth Conferences (1978).

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At Lambeth itself many bishops expressed a desire to somehow meet in their indaba groups in the future, and calls were heard for more frequent Lambeth Conferences.
It has survived another Lambeth Conference, a bit bruised, battered and fragmented.
A: The first Lambeth Conference was held in 1867 at Lambeth Palace, the Archbishop of Canterbury's residence in London.
Last July Anglican bishops from every corner of the world gathered in Canterbury, England, for the fourteenth Lambeth Conference.
Coming to the, Lambeth Conference does not commit you to accepting the position of others as necessarily a legitimate expression of Anglican doctrine and discipline, or to any action that would compromise your conscience or the integrity of your local church.
As Newbigin reflected later, the Lambeth Conferences of 1948 and 1958 had been kairos moments in the history of the church, which provided rare opportunities for dramatic progress.
This year marks the halfway point between Lambeth conferences, which are held every 10 years, traditionally in Britain.
This desire has manifested itself time and again at Lambeth Conferences, primates meetings and gatherings of the Anglican Consultative Council.
Formal dialogue between the Anglicans and the Eastern Orthodox churches stemmed from recommendations of the Lambeth Conferences of 1988 and 1998 and the decisions of the Oriental Orthodox Churches that the Anglican-Orthodox dialogue be upgraded from a forum (1985-1993) to a commission.
The ACC meets between Lambeth conferences, which are held once a decade and include only bishops.
The archbishop, it is true, has a hand in setting agendas of the Primates' meetings and of Lambeth conferences, but in the end, his voice at these proceedings is only a voice.
Since 1930, successive Lambeth Conferences have criticized the resort to violence to resolve economic, cultural, political, or religious disputes.