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a genre of folk poetry.

Laments exist among many peoples of the world and were widespread in the folklore of pre-revolutionary Russia. They were performed primarily by women mourners, both professional and nonprofessional, and were recited at funerals and weddings, at the departure of recruits into the army, and for everyday events. The best examples of northern Russian laments were recorded from I. A. Fedosova and N. S. Bogdanova of the Trans-Onega Region. During the Soviet period, moving laments about V. I Lenin and S. M. Kirov appeared.


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Still, it remains the duty of the badaya to orchestrate the flow of laments, propelling the rhythm forward as she rocks back and forth and to compose new laments provoking new images in the minds of the mourners such that they are compelled to break down and weep unconstrainedly.
Here we can see the confluence of the native female complainte with the laments of other classical heroines popularized through sixteenth-century editions of Ovid's Heroides.
From the viewpoint of archaic society, the psychological aspect of the laments has obviously been of more secondary nature (see also Alekseevskij 2007).
Donning a floaty nightdress, the 23-year-old then laments to a heavenly backdrop of clouds and a Californian sunset as the lover drifts away.
A particularly observable trend is the use of "trauma studies" or "trauma theory" in approaches to medieval laments.
He also laments that his embassy can't help him obtain one.
Commentators usually classify these psalms as individual laments, but a congregation that speaks together the "I" of these psalms thereby ascribes a collective or communal significance to their use of first person singular, as, for example, when a congregation affirms together the "I" articles of the Apostles' Creed.
The resurrection plays resemble the Lazarus plays insofar as several again anticipate Renaissance rejection of such rituals by bringing on male authority figures (including Christ) to reprove Mary Magdalene and/or the three Marys for their excessive, improper, and unchristian laments.
Though, I too, lament the loss of Winchester, my lament actually began many years ago when they quit building guns as good as other manufacturers.
THE Lament family keeps moving from country to country and from town to town in search of an elusive better life.
Although he laments his relationship with Saddam--"The most bitter experience for a free man is to make a friendship with someone he doesn't like"--but Anderson discovers Bashir took pride in Saddam's lavish praise of him and his art.
Wolfensohn gets his will and forces Woicke out," laments a high Berlin government official, "there won't be a German left at the leadership level of the Bretton Woods institutions, and that's a bad turn of events.