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The imported laminating machines required to bond heat-activated tape to the profile are eliminated, together with the related lengthy lead and learning times.
Referring back to our introductory notes, the process is similar to skimming; in the laminating pass, the substrate and the stock are traveling at nominally the same speed, and there is no bank in the laminating nip.
1] Preheat the dry mount press to standard laminating temperatures of 185 to 220 degrees.
Ask laminating equipment manufacturers what they think the most important point their customers are concerned with when purchasing laminating equipment and the overwhelming majority answer "price".
Low-pressure molding is the basis of several approaches to laminating fabrics or carpets onto a plastic substrate inside a mold.
The insulation is automatically transferred with the strips from the horizontal belt to the inclined laminating conveyor.
Due to our variety of laminating technologies and superior engineering, U.
Unusually moist or dry conditions should be avoided in the laminating and storage environments.
Orienting, annealing, laminating, and embossing operations still typically use rollers heated with oil, water, or steam.
In addition to laminating nonwovens, fabrics, urethane and polyethylene foams, fiberfill and a variety of specialty films, we provide additional services such as the slitting and sheeting of finished product.
The company is run by president Travis Rauch, who was instrumental in the development of the flame laminating process in the early 1960's and has driven the company towards newer and expanding markets through the use of innovative processes and engineering.
Savings of 18-75% over conventional laminating times are claimed for new ceramic-filled materials systems and for special glass veils that permit "wet-on-wet" lay-up.