Lan Manager

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Lan Manager

(operating system)
Microsoft's OS/2-based network operating system. Developed in conjunction with 3Com, Lan Manager runs as a task under OS/2. Because of this, a file server may concurrently be used for other tasks, such as database services. It offers good mulitasking.

LAN Manager

(1) An earlier network operating system from Microsoft that ran as a server application under OS/2. Supporting DOS, Windows and OS/2 clients, LAN Manager was superseded by Windows NT Server, and parts of LAN Manager were used in Windows NT and 2000. See LAN Server.

(2) (Local Area Network manager) See network administrator.
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Additional features include 3Com Wireless LAN Manager software, speeds up to 54 Mbps and Wi-Fi certification.
The optional Phaser Share Ethernet Card simultaneously supports Novell NetWare, EtherTalk(R) Microsoft LAN Manager, TCP/IP, and LAT protocols (LAN Manager and LAT will be available on the Phaser Share Ethernet Card first quarter 1995).
The included NETGEAR Wireless LAN Manager software enables customers to create profiles that reflect specific WLAN settings for each place customers may roam, be it the corporate network or home.
This product will connect mobile computing users to all popular network operating systems (Novell Netware, Banyan Vines, Windows for Workgroups, Windows NT Server, Artisoft LANtastic, Microsoft LAN Manager, IBM LAN Server, HP LAN Manager) and will include DOS ODI and DOS NDIS drivers.
Application support for NetWare, Personal NetWare, LAN Manager V2.
Utilizing the iConverter configuration options, an enterprise LAN manager, telecommunication carrier, ISP, CLEC, ILEC, or IXC can use the different chassis types to optimize their network design.
1 /PRNewswire/ -- Lantronix today announced that it has added support for Microsoft LAN Manager to its multiprotocol print and terminal servers.
today announced the availability of AT&T's StarGROUP LAN Manager bundled with Novell's UnixWare 1.
Our previous scheduler wasn't sophisticated enough to start the next batch job immediately, forcing us to add buffer time to ensure everything was completed before continuing with our job stream," said Russell Newton, LAN Manager for Blue Circle North America.
Software support includes: Microsoft, SCO Open Server/Desktop, SCO Xenix(R) System V, SCO UNIXWARE(R), Merge(R), WABI(R), MPX/SMP(R), Virtual Disk Manager and LAN Manager for SCO(R), ArcServ for SCO(R), SCO Doctor(R), Advanced File and Print Server(R), FastStart Products(R), X Vision Products(R), Caldera, Linux and TurboLinux.
Because RLN is protocol independent, remote users can log on to any of the popular LAN operating systems such as Novell NetWare, Microsoft LAN Manager or Banyan VINES.
Multi-User Solutions provides service and support for hardware and software vendors including Microsoft, SCO(R) Open Server/Desktop, SCO Xenix(tm) System V, SCO UNIXWARE(tm), Merge(tm), WABI(tm), MPX/SMP(tm), Virtual Disk Manager and LAN Manager for SCO(tm), ArcServ for SCO(tm), SCO Doctor(tm), Advanced File and Print Server(tm), FastStart Products(tm), X Vision Products(tm), Caldera(R), Linux(R), TurboLinux(R), 3COM(R), Compaq(R), Computone, DEC(R) (Compaq), Dell(R), Fujitsu(R), Gateway(R), Hewlett-Packard(R), IBM, Intel, Lexmark(R), Magnavox(R), NEC(R), Okidata(R), Panasonic(R), Samsung(R), Seagate(R), Sony(R), Texas Instruments(R) (HP), Toshiba(R), and U.