Lancaster House conference

Lancaster House conference,

series of three meetings (1960, 1962, 1963) in which Kenya's constitutional framework and independence were negotiated. In 1960 lack of agreement led Colonial Secretary McLeod to issue an interim constitution. In 1962 a framework for self-government was negotiated, and the 1963 conference in London finalized constitutional arrangements for Kenya's independence as a dominion. The constitution included entrenched provisions for citizenship, fundamental rights, and composition of the bicameral legislature.
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Senior representatives from over 40 countries and organizations attended the Lancaster House conference that discussed what should follow the transitional institutions in Mogadishu in August 2012 and the establishment of a joint financial management board.
The West needs to recognize its mistakes and it needs to use the Lancaster House conference in London to discuss and fix those mistakes.
Although the land question was at the heart of the colonial struggle, land reform was not at the heart of the postindependence settlement brokered by Britain at the Lancaster House conference in 1979.
This book takes us through that tortuous process of conflict resolution in 1979-80 from the Lancaster House conference through to the elections which gave birth to the new independent state of Zimbabwe.
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