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see DyakDyak
or Dayak
, name applied to one of the groups of indigenous peoples of the island of Borneo, numbering about 2 million. The Dyaks have maintained their customs and mode of life largely uninfluenced by modern civilization.
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among the Land Dayak and some Barito groups, the lotus motif is the equivalent of the jar [a major underworld symbol and a symbol of the female sexual organs] .
The Bidayuh, also known as Land Dayaks is one of the main indigenous ethnic groups that have settled in southwest Sarawak and the adjacent areas of west Kalimantan.
Under Mahkota, inequities in trading to the disadvantage of the Land Dayaks continued.
Shows the community ceremonial life of the Land Dayak (or Bidayuh) living in the First Division of Sarawak.
In 1957 the Iban example led influential members of another major group, the Land Dayaks (today, Bidayuh), to express their "great desire" to have their own radio section (Sarawak Tribune 21/10/1957).
In 1970 I began reanalyzing the ethnographic data of Freeman for the Iban and Geddes for the [Bidayuh] Land Dayak.

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