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(1) In the Middle Ages, bodies of class-estate representation in German states; they arose in the 13th century.

(2) Local bodies of government that formed in certain German principalities in the 16th and 17th centuries. In the early 19th century the bodies were reorganized into estate-representative assemblies that dealt with local issues.

(3) A representative body in the North German Confederation (until the formation in 1871 of the German empire).

(4) The name of representative bodies in a number of states. In the Federal Republic of Germany, they are the highest representative bodies of Lander; in addition, the cities of Bremen and Hamburg have Landtag bodies that are municipal assemblies. In Austria, Landtag bodies are legislative Land assemblies. The parliament in the principality of Liechtenstein is called the Landtag. Until 1952, Landtag bodies existed in the German Democratic Republic.

(5) In Livonia from 1419 to 1516, an elective representative body. Later, the bodies were assemblies of the nobility in Cour-land, Livonia, and Estonia.

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On going to meet King William for his appointment, he learned that the king strongly considered abdicating, as the Landtag had rejected his army reform; Bismarck managed to talk him out of it.
In Hesse, the FDP supported the CDU in the 1982 Landtag election, but the Liberals received too few votes to be represented in the new parliament.
Following the meeting, members of the Bavarian Landtag voted for the development of partnership and strengthening of bilateral ties.
During her meeting with Bulgaria's Justice Minister Margarita Popova, Bavarian Landtag Chair Stamm expressed support for the legislation reforms in the judicial field carried out by the Borisov government.
A parliamentary delegation from the German state Bavaria, led by the head of the local Landtag, Barbara Stamm, will make an official visit to Bulgaria on September 9-10.
Contract notice: refurbishment landtag in mainz 0 sustainable rehabilitation landtag / starkstrom
More research for Europe - Towards 3% of GDP and New momentum for the European Research Area (Rapporteur: Mrs Kuhn-Theis, Chair, Committee for European Affairs, Saarland Landtag, EPP; Germany)
rgen Zolner, Research Minister, and Karl-Heinz Klar Secretary of State for European Affairs in the Landtag of Mainz* Visits to the Commission: - 5 February: Mr Prodi, Mr Verheugen, Mr Nielson and Mr Vitorino receive Ruud Lubbers, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees; Mr Busquin receives Mr Thomas ostro Swedish Minister for Education and Science.
Contract notice: refurbishment landtag in mainz - sustainable rehabilitation landtag / dachabdichtungsarbeiten
Commission Communication on principles and guidelines for the EU's audio-visual policy in the digital age - drafted by Dr Dieter Schiffmann (Member of the Landtag of Rheinland-Palatinate, D/PSE);9.
Contract notice: Redesign of the internet / intranet appearance of the landtag nrw.
The Court looked at the November 1994 claims of Mr Badeck and 45 other members of the Landtag of Hesse in Germany, who applied to the Staatsgerichtshof (State Constitutional Court) of Hesse for a review of a 1993 law on equal treatment for men and women.