laparoscopic surgery

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laparoscopic surgery:

see endoscopeendoscope,
any instrument used to look inside the body. Usually consisting of a fiber-optic tube attached to a viewing device, endoscopes are used to explore and biopsy such areas as the colon and the bronchi of the lungs.
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Timely laproscopic surgery by surgeons at RAK Hospital helped resolve a post delivery abdominal pain and saved the life of an Omani woman who was suffering from an inflamed gall bladder and rupture of the colon.
Laproscopic surgery for right salpingo-oophorectomy was performed at a local hospital and tissue was sent for histopathology.
We have recently used Laproscopic surgery to help diagnose and treat a number of animals with liver disease.
Laproscopic cholestectomy has revolutionized the whole world in the management of cholelithiasis as it is the most commonly performed laproscopic surgery in the world and because of the introduction of new innovative techniques and increased experience with the procedure more difficult and complex gallbladders can now be managed laproscopically which were used to be managed by open surgery, therefore it does not need any special mention.
Comparison of palonosetron with on-dansetron in prevention of postoperative nausea and vomiting in patients receiving in-travenous patient controlled analgesia after gynecological laproscopic surgery.
The effect of postoperative ketorolac on WBC response and pain in laproscopic surgery for endometriosis.
The use of such technology was first elaborated in major open and laproscopic surgery that makes life easy for the surgeon11,12.
According to his website, he has served on the faculty of Oregon Health and Science University and has specialized in bariatric and laproscopic surgery, which is used to aid weight loss.
The remaining 4 women had a diagnosis of endometriosis from their OB/GYN or primary care doctor, without laproscopic surgery, and presented with dysmenorrhea.
There was no significant difference for SSI rate between gender, types of anesthesia and between open and laproscopic surgery, while emergency surgery showed significantly higher SSI rate in comparison with elective surgery (p = 0.
It was a cross sectional study carried out in Department of General and Laproscopic Surgery, Combined Military Hospital Lahore from 1st August to 1st Nov 2009.
has developed a standalone 3DHD Vision System for laproscopic surgery that restores the surgeon's natural 3-D vision with depth.