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Here [phi] is the time at which the intensity of the laser radiation reduces to 1/e
When a spent catalyst particle is exposed to laser radiation in the presence of an oxidizing gas, such as flowing air, the surface temperature increases because of the absorption of radiant heat.
2] laser radiation to selectively remove the surface layer of the SMC has been investigated as an alternative surface preparation technique.
1) The analysis, selection, examination and optimization of possible materials and technological solutions in the field of lighting system, using laser radiation.
They explain the basic science of light and laser energy, the operating components of a laser, the interaction of dental tissue with laser radiation, and devices and wavelengths available for dentistry, as well as advantages, followed by discussion of clinical examination and treatment considerations in operative pediatric dentistry; hard and soft tissue applications for preventive and restorative dentistry, endodontics, oral pathology, orthodontics, and periodontics and mucogingival surgery; and uses for traumatic injuries.
Regarding to high reflexivity of laser radiation from the copper surface, electron beam welding was proposed instead of laser beam welding.
The laser radiation is absorbed in the bottom layer, which subsequently transfers the heat also to the upper layer.
Specific topics selected from the ten invited papers include phase change mechanisms in pulsed laser-matter interaction, high power THz generation form sub- ps bunches of relativistic electrons, micro- and nano-structured optical fibers as artificial media for amplification of light, modification and color markings in glasses by UV laser radiation, and generation of new nanomaterials by interfering femtosecond laser processing.
A new process, laser IRAM welding, passes laser radiation through one plastic component (transmissive) into a second where it is absorbed to meet the interface (absorptive component).
Stereolithography, or SLA, creates a tangible 3-D object, or physical model, from a CAD drawing by directing ultraviolet laser radiation onto a vat of polymer resin (liquid plastic).
Medical imaging with laser radiation, especially for early detection of cancer is gaining importance as this is based on refractive index variation which is quite sensitive parameter in contrast to parameters used in other diagnostic techniques.