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see LetoLeto
, in Greek mythology, daughter of the Titans Coeus and Phoebe and mother of Artemis and Apollo. When she conceived twins by Zeus, Hera sent the serpent Python after her and forbade all to give her rest or help.
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Latona and the DEMCO team activated their crisis plan when the coop's service area was hit with the worst flood ever recorded there.
see generally Juergens, supra note 87 (using the word complex twenty eight times); Latona, supra note 93 (using the word complex thirty six times); Stark et al.
Por consiguiente la llegada de Latona a Delos represento el acto final de una fuga, en el curso de la cual nadie queria darle hospedaje.
Crewmen from the Latona and Oscar were still onshore enjoying liquid refreshment from the previous night, doubtless in some of the hostelries in Fittie or Torry.
In today's world of online communication and convenience, to have the ability and the option for our customers to chat directly with our experienced and trusted representatives via website rather than just over the phone is crucial to ensuring customer satisfaction and growth of our businesses," said, Rick Latona, founder of Latona's.
The accommodation for the four-day walk is suitably sustainable, with a one-night stay at Forester Beach Camp in semi-permanent tents (complete with wind-up torches) and two nights at The Lodge, designed by eco architect Ken Latona, which boasts a strong green ethos, from the solar power to the hand-pumped showers.
At a meeting on 9/16/08, LaTona instructed the undercover to fake back and knee injuries in order to obtain insurance payments.
Partio callado, siguiendo la orilla de la mar rugiente; pero cuando estuvo lejos le rogo mucho al soberano Apolo, hijo de Latona, la de hermosa cabellera.
Otro ejemplo es la historia segun la cual, despues de enamorarse de Latona, Jupiter conocio a su hermana Asteria y sintio un irrefrenable deseo de poseerla.
Her pride caused her to demand sacrifices for herself and her children, instead of for Latona (Leto, mother of Apollo and Aphrodite).
At Mass, the person in the pulpit is key, says Mike Latona, a father of three and staff writer for the Catholic Courier, the newspaper of the Rochester, N.
Skot Latona is a Certified Interpretive Trainer at South Platte Park in Littleton, Colorado.