Launch Pad

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launch pad

[′lȯnch ‚pad]
(aerospace engineering)
The load-bearing base or platform from which a rocket vehicle is launched. Also known as launching pad; pad.

Launch Pad


the site where rockets are launched; the launcher and launch system on which it is mounted; part of the launch complex of a cosmodrome. In some cases, rockets are assembled vertically on the launch pad from individual stages that have been tested and prepared for assembly at an installation and testing site. Payloads may also be installed on the launch pad.

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From freelancers and early-stage startups to corporations with teams looking to work remotely, Launch Pad will serve an array of needs for space.
Launch Pad will enable them to learn and select the tools needed to develop an
The launch pad itself has been cleared, with objects previously seen near the gantry now removed, it said.
With the help and advice provided by Five Lamps' business advisers on board Launch Pad, Adrian was able to find out about available business support and begin working on his business model.
In light of intelligence tips, a force from the 45 th Brigade has found an explosive device factory, a launch pad, 58 mortar shells, three machine guns, seven RPG7, highly explosive TNTC*in al-Aameriya area," according to a BOC statement received by Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
The activities Acumen carry out on board Launch Pad have really engaged local interest and provided an opportunity for residents to find out about opportunities for learning, employment, business start-ups and volunteering.
News photographers prepare their remote cameras; Bud Mann of Altoona, Florida and his pet, Peeve, settle in for the night so they can watch the launch; A NASA technician works above the shuttle as it sits on Launch Pad 39B; Clockwise from left, spectators gather along the Port Canaveral barge canal at sunrise in advance of the scheduled launch; Japanese specialist Soichi Noguchi holds a card saying ``Out to Launch'' before entering the shuttle; the crew - pilot James Kelly, mission specialist Wendy Lawrence, centre, and commander Eileen Collins, front right.
Then, in April, ME Global's castings were used to bring the entire space shuttle Discovery assembly to launch pad 39B, where it rests until its ascension into space this summer.
AT least 21 people were killed and 20 others injured when a rocket exploded on its launch pad while undergoing final pre-launch tests in Brazil.
When the space agency originally built a fleet of four shuttles, no one expected that the very same vehicles would still be on the launch pad more than 20 years later.
The government laid out roads, a launch pad, control room and barracks, shooting for the stars from a tiny 17th-century town.
Talks began on August 30, 2001, when eCom eCom was invited to NASA's Kennedy Space Center to discuss launch pad perimeter surveillance and space shuttle nondestructive failure analysis.