admiralty law

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admiralty law:

see maritime lawmaritime law,
system of law concerning navigation and overseas commerce. Because ships sail from nation to nation over seas no nation owns, nations need to seek agreement over customs related to shipping.
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It can be recalled that the Philippines has previously pursued arbitration before an International Tribunal for the Law of Sea.
President Christofias noted that it is Cyprus' sovereign right, based on the international law and the law of sea, to start the gas exploration in its EEZ, underlining that "all our decisions and actions so far, stem from the international law and strictly fall into this parameter".
Using data collected from the Pacific Garbage Patch, Kara Lavender Law of SEA estimates that the trash in this collection of garbage might reach as deep as 65 feet below the ocean's surface.
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The United Nations Convention on the Law of Sea, which stipulates a 12-nautical mile territorial limit and a 200-nautical mile Exclusive Economic Zone, went into effect in 1994 and Japan ratified it in 1996.
17) For a thorough analysis of the international law of sea, see R.
Conference on the Law of Sea (1974-81) and as a member of the U.
policy on all the fronts where the United States could be taking action and is not, such as the ratification of the covenants on economic rights, the rights of women, and the rights of the child, as well as acceptance of the Inter-American Convention on Human Rights and the Treaty on the Law of Sea, and support for the International Criminal Court.
India has noted the Award of the Arbitral Tribunal constituted under Annex VII of the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of Sea (UNCLOS) in the matter concerning the Republic of the Philippines and the Peoples Republic of China.