Lawrence of Arabia

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Lawrence of Arabia:

see Lawrence, T. E.Lawrence, T. E.
(Thomas Edward Lawrence), 1888–1935, British adventurer, soldier, and scholar, known as Lawrence of Arabia. While a student at Oxford he went on a walking tour of Syria and in 1911 joined a British Museum archaeological expedition in Mesopotamia.
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Lawrence of Arabia

T. E. Lawrence (1888–1935), legendary hero, led Arab revolt against Turkey. [Br. Hist.: Benét, 572]
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The entire Lawrence mythos was capped by David Lean's spectacular film Lawrence of Arabia (1962), starring the young and handsome Peter O'Toole playing a steely-eyed and intense Lawrence, although O'Toole is actually much taller than the rather short of stature Lawrence.
A confidant of sheikhs and tribal leaders, she advised kings and princes, was a colleague of Winston Churchill and a friend of TE Lawrence - Lawrence of Arabia.
This autumn the collected letters of Lawrence of Arabia are to be published and I'm told they're an absorbing read.

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