Layout Tool

Layout Tool


(marking tool), an instrument used in laying out workpieces to scribe lines, center punch, measure lengths, and mark off sections, angles, and circles.

Scribers, which are equipped with a point that has been sharpened and hardened, are among the tools most often used for scribing lines along a straight-edge or try square. Center punches, equipped with a hardened head and a hardened and sharpened point, are used for center punching—making indentations on lines already marked off in order to preserve the layout until the work is completed; the indentations are made by striking the head of the center punch with a light hammer. Dividers are used for marking off circles, arcs, sections, and various geometric figures and for transferring dimensions from a ruler to the workpiece.

Perpendicular lines are scribed using a try square; try squares equipped with a base are the most stable and the most frequently used. Oblique lines are marked off by means of a bevel protractor. A trammel is used for marking the precise division of straight lines and for marking off centers and circles with large diameters.

The principal tool used for laying out in three dimensions is the surface gauge; it is used to mark off parallel vertical and horizontal lines and to check the mounting of the workpiece on the layout plate. A surface gauge equipped with a micrometer screw and a height gauge is used for marking off with greater precision and for measuring. Various types of center squares are used for locating the centers of circles.


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Designed by musicians, Sibelius 6 offers a number of new features including a magnetic layout tool that cuts score preparation time in half.
Doc/Design allows regular users, freelancers, and external to work with Word as their layout tool by starting from the original InDesign file that has been converted into Word, or to start directly from Word and then have a graphic layout artist continue in InDesign.
Plate Controller is a flexible layout tool for labels, step and repeat, and setting up odd size jobs on a plate.
To facilitate effective RF design, layout tool functionality is extended with drafting, snapping and align features more commonly found in mechanical design systems.
A software layout tool works with Sanmina-SCI's current ECAD tool to allow for auto-routing of designs with high I/O array packages, such as ball grid arrays (BGAs), speeding up the design process.
Armed with statistics on the meaningful content, Rhythinyx customers will be able to make the appropriate changes quickly using Rhythmyx's Active Assembly, the industry's only graphical layout tool for arranging content without technical assistance.
An all-purpose layout tool, the self-leveling LS3100 laser square features three beams and gravity-leveled pendulum technology.
Quark Xpress is a wonderful computer layout tool which allows designers quite easily to put the footnotes on the same page and do clever things like having the illustrations next to the relevant text.
This new integrated layout tool offers the ability to draw and edit LP's entire line of engineered wood products for residential and light-commercial building projects.
with the Cadence(R) Concept(R) HDL schematic tool and the Cadence Allegro(R) layout tool for printed circuit board (PCB) design.
I/O pins are optionally adjusted in the board layout tool, and then placement is re-analyzed in synthesis using interactive, physically aware optimizations.
An automated drawing layout tool provides multiple drawings of different scales within the same part.