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For Hungarian rulers thus named, use Ladislaus.
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y "They've got a new philosophy under Csaba Lazlo but we shouldn't be going into the game fearing them, we should go into the game with confidence.
In the comic books, Pyg also goes by the name Lazlo Valentin.
By night she's dabbling in the criminal underworld trying to bring down kingpin Jimmy Lazlo and by day she's an SUVdriving school-run mum.
Lesley, who is an inspector with Northumbria Police, came second on both days with her six-year-old Hanoverian gelding Furst Lazlo, who is known as William at home.
The Sentinel added that Bonyen Lee-Gilmore, Planned Parenthood Great Plains Communications Director, was interviewed by Buzz on-air personality Lazlo, host of "The Church of Lazlo," for a podcast.
Readers meet Lazlo Strange, orphaned during a war in Zosma and adopted by monks.
Lazlo Strange is an orphan, raised by monks, and is now a librarian at the Zemonan Abbey, where he has learned all he can find about the Unseen City of Weep.
Meanwhile, Lazlo tracks down Turner to a houseboat close to the island and prepares to snare his prey.
Goalscorers Adam Szalai and Zoltan Stieber, as well as man of the match Lazlo Kleinheisler, all encountered rejection or disappointment in the Bundesliga last season but transformed Hungary's prospects before they face Iceland.
The movie, and the book on which the film is based, Lazlo Krasznahorkai's The Melancholy of Resistance, isn't directly about the Holocaust, and has no characters that are particularly coded as Jewish.
and Anyone Can Whistle; his dramatic output from 1973 until his death and how he integrated his leftist politics and Jewish identity into a domestic framework in his novel The Way We Were; gay representations and politics in works like Rope; and plays that focus on powerful, artistic women: Claudia Lazlo, New Year's Eve, and Come Back, Come Back, Wherever You Are.
Unveiled last December, the Centre of Innovation was designed by the renowned Hungarian architect Lazlo Foldes and features clean, white lines and state-of-the-art facilities.