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Timber sawn or split in the form of beams, boards, joists, planks, etc., esp. that which is smaller than heavy timber. Also see board, 1, dimension lumber, matched boards, and yard lumber.
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in one application, an LBR iiwa is being used at a BMW facility to assemble bevel gears).
When textural features are reduced, a substantial improvement in results can be observed with VFI and LBR classifier (100%).
sup][9],[10],[11] This study showed a decreased CPR and LBR with increasing age (over 35 years old), and when the woman aged 38 years and above, the CRP and LBR dropped significantly.
The LBR protocol uses ETX as a link quality estimator and considers the remaining load factor of a node as a criterion for balancing load when selecting a path from a source to a destination.
The LBR alternative is the least costly and least effective.
Global StandAlone LBRs and other components for off-line applications.
LFR reduces the viscosity nearly equivalently to LBR, which is often used as a tire additive.
The fourth LBR will have state of the art communications equipment and cameras, mobile observation platforms, border watchtowers and Land Rovers to help secure and mobilize LAF positions along the border.
The system comes standard with one LBR unit, with the ability to add an additional unit if warranted.
A new component in the provisioning flow, LBR serves as a gateway between the provisioning server and the subscriber database server.
The unlucky may find talking images of William Hague in their email, while Labour offers cryptic phone text messages like X 4 LBR IF UR UP 4 IT.
17 September 2013 - Italian dairy giant Parmalat SpA (BIT:PLT) has decided to give up the planned acquisition of Brazilian peer LBR Lacteos Brasil SA, according to an unidentified source cited by Reuters.