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(lĕd`vĭl), mining city (1990 pop. 2,629), alt. c.10,200 ft (3,110 m), seat of Lake co., central Colo., near the headwaters of the Arkansas River, in the Rocky Mts.; inc. 1878. Some mining and smelting are still carried on (at nearby Climax are huge deposits of molybdenum), and farming, ranching, and the tourist trade have kept this famous city from becoming another ghost town. Rich placer gold deposits were discovered c.1860 in California Gulch. Oro City, the principal camp, flourished for about two years. The camps were virtually deserted until 1877, when the discovery of carbonates of lead with a high silver content again transformed Oro City into a boomtown. By 1880, two years after its incorporation, Leadville had become one of the greatest silver camps in the world. In 1893, with the repeal of the Sherman Silver Act, silver mining collapsed; but in the late 1890s, with the discovery of gold nearby, Leadville again revived. The spectacular history of Leadville is epitomized in the life of Horace TaborTabor, Horace Austin Warner
, 1830–99, American prospector, known as Silver Dollar Tabor, b. Holland, Vt. From the Matchless Mine at Leadville, Colo., he gained tremendous wealth by mining silver, and he spent money lavishly in Leadville and Denver.
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. Points of interest include the restored Tabor home; the Matchless Mine, now a museum; and the Healy House–Dexter Cabin Museums.


See E. Blair, Leadville: Colorado's Magic City (1984).

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Judge Neil Reynolds stands on the corner of Harrison Avenue and Sixth Street in Leadville, Colorado, describing another night, long ago in 1880, when a phantom figure was glimpsed firing a pistol at unknown enemies before vanishing into thin air.
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This quest took him from the playing fields of his hometown of Waverly, Maryland, to the silver mines of Leadville, Colorado, to Bay City, Michigan, and finally to St.
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Burcik, president of Water Treatment and Decontamination International, set up his hydroponic underground lab in a mine drainage tunnel in Leadville, Colorado.
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It's no surprise that while visiting some friends in Leadville, Colorado, last winter, I ended up with snowshoes attached to my bulky snowboots.
I remember following a big chunk of gold ore (looked like a big old dirty rock) through the refinery at Leadville, Colorado, many years ago.
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