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Lee Kuan Yew

(lē kwän yo͞o, yü), 1923–2015, prime minister of SingaporeSingapore
, officially Republic of Singapore, republic (2005 est. pop. 4,426,000), 299 sq mi (774 sq km). It consists of the island of Singapore and about 60 small adjacent islands at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, SE Asia.
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 (1959–90). Educated in England, he obtained a law degree from Cambridge Univ. in 1949 and in 1954 founded the moderately leftist People's Action party. In 1959, when Singapore achieved full independence from Great Britain, Lee became its first prime minister; in 1963 he led Singapore into the Federation of MalaysiaMalaysia
, independent federation (2005 est. pop. 23,953,000), 128,430 sq mi (332,633 sq km), Southeast Asia. The official capital and by far the largest city is Kuala Lumpur; Putrajaya is the adminstrative capital.
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, but political unrest caused it to withdraw in 1965. A republic was proclaimed, with Lee Kuan Yew continuing as prime minister. Pragmatic and incorruptible, Lee ran a tightly controlled welfare state with an economy based in private enterprise. Largely through Lee's efforts the island nation became a thriving center of international business and finance as he encouraged foreign investment while strongly discouraging political dissent. He also stressed discipline, correct public behavior, opposition to drugs, English education, and interracial tolerance. The longest serving prime minister in the world, Lee was lauded for overseeing the economic growth that transformed Singapore from a poor port to one of Asia's wealthiest and least corrupt nations, but he was criticized for his repressive policies. Lee resigned as prime minister in 1990 but continued in the government in the posts of senior minister (1990–2004) and minister mentor (2004–11). His eldest son, Lee Hsien LoongLee Hsien Loong
, 1952–, prime minister of Singapore (2004–). The eldest son of Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's first prime minister, Lee was educated at Cambridge and Harvard while also serving (beginning in 1974) in Singapore's armed forces.
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, has also served as prime minister of Singapore.


See his The Singapore Story: Memoirs (1998) and From Third World to First: The Singapore Story, 1965–2000 (2000).

Lee Kuan Yew


Born Sept. 16,1923, in Singapore. Statesman of Singapore.

Lee was educated as a lawyer. He began his law practice in Singapore in 1951. Between 1951 and 1959 he was involved in the labor union movement. In 1954 he was elected general secretary of the People’s Action Party. In 1955 he became a deputy to the Legislative Assembly. After the general elections of 1959, in which the People’s Action Party won a majority, he became prime minister of Singapore.

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With the 1960s the changes discussed here were introduced which led the Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Kwan Yew, to describe Australians as "the poor white trash of Asia".
Taiwan Vice President Annette Lu warned former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kwan Yew on Tuesday not to meddle in Taiwan's relations with China.
In emphasising rapid modernisation, efficiency, free market principles - all done under the guidance of a firm hand - Shaikh Mohammed appears to be adopting to some extent the model of Singapore's senior leader Lee Kwan Yew.
The archetype of the hard communitarian is Lee Kwan Yew, the former prime minister of Singapore.
SM is short for Senior Minister Lee Kwan Yew, credited with shaping the island-state into a modern metropolis and imposing strict laws on public behavior.
In Singapore, Lee Kwan Yew served as prime minister from 1959 to 1990.
Lee Kwan Yew, the long-time prime minister of Singapore said in 1992: "I do not believe that democracy necessarily leads to development.
In occasional cases, such as Singapore under Lee Kwan Yew, a less than democratic government is accepted by the vast majority of the people, usually because it provides economic opportunities for all, and fairness without 'wasta'.
FROM THIRD WORLD TO FIRST: THE SINGAPORE $TORY: 1965-2000 By Lee Kwan Yew New York, Harper Collins, 2000, pages 691 and index.
Former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kwan Yew told Chinese political leaders Wednesday to exercise prudence and patience in dealing with Taiwan, hinting Beijing's growing economic clout will eventually pave the way for Taiwan's unification with China.
Tung, who has expressed his admiration for the authoritarian rule of Singapore's Lee Kwan Yew and Malaysia's Mohammed Mahathir, both of whom have sharply limited political activity in their countries, has regularly stated his intention to impose more austere limits on Hong Kong's political freedoms.