Legal Relations

Legal Relations


social relations regulated by legal norms in which the participants—persons or organizations—are the bearers of legal rights and obligations. Legal relations arise, change, and cease in the presence of conditions provided for by legal norms—legal facts. In a legal relation, the participants have certain legal rights and corresponding legal obligations. For example, in legal relations associated with pensions, the pensioner has the right to receive a pension periodically while state agencies for pension support are obligated to pay it. In the case of a legal obligation, the debtor is obligated to perform a certain action for the benefit of the creditor, who has the right to demand that the debtor carry out his obligation.

Legal relations belong to the category of superstructural (ideological) social relations, that is, those that “before taking shape pass through man’s consciousness” (V. I. Lenin, Poln. sobr. soch., 5th ed., vol. 1, p. 137). They derive from the state inasmuch as they are envisioned by legal norms. The content and nature of legal relations are, in the last analysis, a result of the material needs and conditions of society. Thus, in socialist society, based on social ownership of the means of production and exploitation-free labor, there is no right of private ownership, and therefore legal relations associated with hiring the labor of others in the private economy or legal relations for the purpose of obtaining nonlabor income do not arise. Such legal relations, which are typical of capitalist society, are prohibited by Soviet law.

In socialist society there are diverse state, administrative, civil, labor, and other legal relations through which law influences the development of society.

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A THERE is presumption in law that there are no legal relations between family.
The agreement on Customs Code of the Customs Union dated November 27, 2009 and a number of international agreements regulating the customs legal relations cease to operate as the agreement on Customs Code of the EAEU entered into force.
Article 63 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties states: "The severing of diplomatic or consular relations between the parties to a treaty shall not affect their legal relations under the treaty unless to the extent that the existence of diplomatic or consular relations is necessary for the operation of the treaty.
The construction of a new system of courts empowered to consider the disputes arising from public legal relations, as well as cases on administrative offenses is of particular importance.
The choice of law applicable to cross-border legal relations in Iraqi courts is subject to many legal and practical considerations.
In legal relations of environmental law, for example, it is determined primarily the holder of the obligation of doing or not doing something concerning the protection and improvement of the environment (Nicolau et al, 2010: 14).
missile strikes "were in my opinion sufficient, at least in light of what we can do within the framework of international legal relations for the Syrian army to react itself.
We also believe that the term "law", by its maximum extending contains the national legislation too, regardless of the landing legislation on which it is placed, if the subject-matter shall regulate legal relations specific to particular types of transport (air, rail, road, etc.
Just as monarchs may consensually alter their legal relations with other monarchs by entering into treaties, so too may individual citizens freely alter their legal relations by entering into contracts with those to whom John Jay referred as "fellow citizens and joint sovereigns.
There exists a general presumption of English law in relation to the formation of contracts that agreements entered into in a family context do not generally give rise to legal relations.
The first conference was organised at the Institut FranA'ais in Lebanon by the Lions Club International District 351 Governorate through the Committee for international legal relations, in collaboration with the Embassy of France in Lebanon.
Because fundamental legal relations were sui generis, attempts at definition would fail.

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