an urban-type settlement, the administrative center of the Lel’chitsy Raion of the Gomel’ Oblast of Byelorussian SSR. Lel’chitsy is located on the left bank of the Ubort’ River (a right tributary of the Pripiat’), 67 km from the El’sk railroad station (on the Mozyr’-Ovruch line). Lel’chitsy has a construction materials combine, a vegetable-drying plant, a fruit and vegetable processing plant, and a creamery. A forestry station is located in Lel’chitsy.

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Address : region, Lelchitsy, 247841, Sovetskaya str.
Address : Belarus, Gomel region, Lelchitsy, 247841, ul.
Proposals to send in envelope (mail, courier) to DRSU-153 KRESUP "Gomelobldorstroy" Republic of Belarus, 247841, town of Lelchitsy, ul.
Tenders are invited for selection of a contractor for the development of project documentation and design estimates with the subsequent reception of the positive conclusion of the state examination, the field supervision of the project: "Modernization of the building Lelchitsy executive committee (Redevelopment of rooms).
Prequalification are invited for Selection of contractor to perform construction and mounting works on the project: "Reconstruction of the central boiler house in the town Lelchitsy "1st starting complex (translated boiler DE-16/14 water-heating mode)