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, Rus. Lvov, Pol. Lwów, Ger. Lemberg, city (1989 pop. 791,000), capital of Lviv region, W Ukraine, at the watershed of the Western Bug and Dniester rivers and in the northern foothills of the Carpathian Mts.
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, Ukraine.
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2) Christoph Mick, Lemberg, Lwoiv, L'viv, 1914-1947: Violence and Ethnicity in a Contested City (West Lafayette, IN: Purdue University Press, 2016), is the first experiential history of violence in Lviv in the long stretch from World War I to the aftermath of the Soviet victory; Kai Struve, Deutsche Herrschafr, ukrainischer Nationalismus, antijiidische Gewalt: Der Sommer 1941 in der Westukraine (Berlin: De Gruyter Oldenbourg, 2015), provides the most detailed reconstruction to date of the origins and reality of the wave of pogroms that erupted just before and in the initial phase of the German invasion in June-July 1941; Jan T.
By late on New Year's Day units of the 399th had joined comrades in the 398th Infantry in naturally strong positions along a four-mile line running from Bitche to Lemberg that included the high ground around Siersthal, Echenberg, Lambach, and other villages.
For example, the term 'weight' is used in reference to body fat in the MBSRQ, however, some men may interpret weight in relation to muscle mass (Ousley, Cordero, & White, 2008; Parent, 2013; Stanford & Lemberg, 2012).
Niklas Lemberg, director of Payment Services at Aktia Bank Plc, said, 'The increasing use of smartphones and mobile devices, decreasing use of retail bank branches, as well as rising expectations of customer service are some of the ways in which our customers' behaviour is shifting.
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Mises, in contrast, was an ethnic Jew, born in Lemberg, Galicia, in the outer reaches of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (the city is now called L'viv and located in Ukraine).
Ethnic Germans from Ukraine settling in Saskatchewan recalled the places they had left behind in Europe when they named their school districts Lemberg, Volga, Odessa, and Crimea.
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He added that he would be travelling to Lublin, Zamosc, Auschwitz and Lemberg - all either ghettos or concentration camps - and complained that he will be more than 2,000km from the family home while making no mention of the fact that he was desperately speeding up the killing process.
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Su nombre se asocia de inmediato con la vieja Universidad de Lemberg (la ciudad de Lemberg (L'viv) pertenece actualmente a Ucrania), una de cuyas lenguas oficiales era el polaco.
In the introduction to his volume Greenberg writes that "Written during the terrible years 1915-1918 and published in the year 1919 in Lemberg, under the title In the Rush of Time.