Leonida Bissolati

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Bissolati, Leonida


(also L. Bissolati-Bergamaschi). Born Feb. 20,1857; died Mar. 6,1920. Italian political figure. One of the leaders of the Socialist Party from 1892 to 1912; editor-in-chief of the newspaper Avanti! from 1896 to 1903 and from 1908 to 1912.

From 1897 on, Bissolati was a member of Parliament. He favored cooperation of the socialists with the liberal bourgeoisie and with theGiolitti government. In 1912 he was expelled from the party, along with a group of right-wing reformists that he headed, for supporting the Italian government in the expansionist Libyan war. The Reformist Socialist Party he set up did not enjoy the support of the masses. During World War I he was one of the most ardent social chauvinists. He was a member of the government from 1916 to 1918.

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In 1879 Leonida Bissolati, future leader of Reformist Socialism, published an article on racial anti-semitism in the Rivista repubblicana in which he expressed the view that the Jews' capacity for cognitive development is arrested at the age of sixteen and therefore 'il cervello del semita si chiude alla scienza'.
s 1910 Milan congress where Leonida Bissolati had raised the unwelcome spectre of labourist revisionism in the Bernsteinian mold.
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