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, ancient city of Libya, E of Tripoli. It was founded (c.600 B.C.) by Phoenicians from Sidon. Annexed (46 B.C.) to the Roman province of Africa, it flourished as an important port under the Romans, particularly during the reign of Septimius Severus (who had been born in
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There are only a few minor proofing errors, such as the index reference to the Baths of Hadrian at Lepcis Magna as having illustrations on pages 248 and 249 and being discussed on pages 247-249; in actuality, there is but a brief mention of this bathing complex on page 247 with no further illustration of the monument.
Ancient ruins: Libya has one of the largest sites in the world at Lepcis Magna
At Lepcis Magna, for instance, the spina was 231 m long and 6.
67) At Lepcis Magna the 64 m wide arena (32 m for half) provided room for approximately 12 chariot teams.
Similarly, Africans gradually came to replace Punic with Roman forms of their names (Annobal Tapapius Rufus, the builder of the theatre at Lepcis, is an obvious early example), though the originals remain recognisable enough.
8) Another second century proconsul of Africa, Marcellus, judged that a charge brought before him by a Boccius Copo against a priest of Lepcis, Tullus, was calumnious.
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Este seria el caso, al menos, de una inscripcion procedente de Lepcis Magna y datable en los siglos II o III d.
Since Severus also came from the province, from Lepcis Magna, sui must suggest more than origin in the same province, and could imply that Clodius knew Apuleius, a generation older, but this semi-fictionalised biography is unfortunately not reliable on such details.
Italian immigration in Tripolitania is attested in the late Republic by the case of the Sicilian T Herennius, who is known from Cicero to have become a banker at Lepcis Magna, the principal city of the region, and to whom Tripolitanian Herennii of the mid second century such as Herennius Rufinus may have owed their name.
The various mosaic floors from Roman villas in North Africa that feature `death as decoration' belong to the second and third centuries, a period when the human victims of the arenas in Roman North Africa -- at Carthage, Lepcis Magna and elsewhere -- were tortured and killed there as confessed Christians.
It is carefully prepared by a statement about an appeal of Lepcis to Metellus (selected for no other reason than to give Sallust an excuse for introducing the story).