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(lĕp`tĭs), ancient city of Libya, E of Tripoli. It was founded (c.600 B.C.) by Phoenicians from Sidon. Annexed (46 B.C.) to the Roman province of Africa, it flourished as an important port under the Romans, particularly during the reign of Septimius Severus (who had been born in Leptis). Some of the most impressive ruins of Roman Africa are there, including walls, baths, arches, temples, and forums. The city is also known as Lepcis. It is sometimes called Leptis Magna to distinguish it from another Leptis, S of Hadrumetum, in present Tunisia.


See K. B. Matthews, Jr., Cities in the Sand (1957).

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As I bank over the extraordinary ruins of Leptis Magna, I am reminded that this was once a cultural and commercial jewel of the Mediterranean world.
Leptis Magna, the Roman seat of power in North Africa; Tadrart Acacus, with prehistoric rock art sites dating from 12,000 B.
He said the group's host had been a member of the Arab Socialist Union called Mabrouk Dredi, who had been assigned to escort them, showed them round and took them to tourist sites like the ruined Roman city Leptis Magna and meet government figures: "We were in a big sports stadium between Tripoli and Benghazi, and waited quite a long time for Gaddafi to arrive.
Les sites inscrits sur la liste du patrimoine mondial en peril sont Cyrene, Leptis Magna, le site archeologique de Sabratha, les sites rupestres de Tadrart Acacus et l'ancienne ville de Ghadames, a precise l'agence onusienne sur son site internet.
PNOY IN ITALY - President Aquino delivers his speech during a meeting with the Filipino community in Rome at the Leptis Magna I and II function rooms of the Ergife Palace Hotel as part of his official visit to Italy December 3.
The country has five World Heritage Sites designated by UNESCO: the Greek archaeological sites of Cyrene, the Roman ruins of Leptis Magna, the Phoenician port of Sabratha, the rockart sites of the Acacus Mountains, and the old town of Ghadames.
Ancient Roman architecture at sites such as Leptis Magna was presented as proof that, in the memorable words of Giovanni Pascoli, "ci fummo gia" (18).
Historical landmarks will include replicas of Abu Simbel temple and pyramids -- Egypt, Timgad -- Morocco, Great Wall of China, Leptis Magna -- Libya, Kingdom of Kerma -- Sudan, Aztec Temple -- Mexico, Roman Colosseum -- Rome, Acropolis of Athens -- Greece, Stonehenge -- England and Petra -- Jordan.
The subject is the Roman Libyan city of Leptis Magna.
59) Un ejemplo lo encontramos en los relieves de las enjutas del Arco de Septimio Severo en Leptis Magna, de los siglos II-III.
Visitors could see the cultural sites near Tripoli such as Leptis Magna and then enjoy a beach holiday in Tunisia.