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Aside from being an outrageous attack on freedom of expression and academic freedom, Sulak Sivaraksa's case appears to be based on a wilful misinterpretation of the existing repressive law on lese majeste.
For millennia, suicide was lese majeste against the church/state, the supreme representation of legitimate authority for people who worship a god and want a good life in the hereafter.
He said the ban covers not only the film's distribution, but also video distribution, warning that video smugglers or distributors may face charges of lese majeste.
In places where Ion writes on the basis of secondary sources rather than primary sources, we occasionally find some questionable statements, for example, about the lese majeste incident of Uchimura Kanzo in 1891.
Why are they always committing lese majeste against the great queen Science?
Thailand's lese majeste laws were resulting in an increased number of prosecutions as opinions posted online ran into problems with the law
The ministry had criticised comments by Buntenh last week suggesting Cambodians, including the King, drank contaminated water - leading to speculation that Buntenh may be accused of violating a new lese majeste law.
King Bhumibol was sacralised and transformed into Dhammaraja, or god-king, encapsulated within the protective walls of a lese majeste law forbidding insult and defamation against him.
Thailand's criminal court convicted her in 2012 after ruling she had not personally committed a crime under the country's strict lese majeste laws, but noted that she took 20 days to remove the offending comment.
Thailand's strict lese majeste laws punish anyone who "defames, insults or threatens the king" or other senior royals.
This was another act of lese majeste that the US government would not forget.
The political conflict comes as the country quietly braces for the end of 86-year-old King Bhumibol Adulyadej's more than six-decade reign, amid uncertainty over the eventual succession process that cannot be discussed openly in Thailand due to strict lese majeste laws.