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45) As a local newspaper primarily serving the interests of the Winnipeg Lettish Friendly Association, Kanadietis might be viewed as a parochial publication, much like the various periodicals Latvians produced in places such as New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago.
These items ranged from short reports of organizational meetings (usually of the Winnipeg Lettish Friendly Association) to colourful vignettes of family and community life.
Early issues of Kanadietis eagerly spoke of the potential of Canada as a destination for new Latvian immigrants, but seen in the context of the stated goals of the Winnipeg Lettish Friendly Association, I suggest that these articles were not evidence of a separate theme, but rather a subset of the search for community: The more Latvians arriving in Canada, the greater the potential that the spiritual community could be realized.
However, the newspaper's contribution to that process was hindered and ultimately thwarted by the opposition Smits and the Winnipeg Lettish Friendly Association faced from the radical socialists in Winnipeg and Lac du Bonnet, who actively worked to disrupt the efforts of the association, even suggesting a boycott of the newspaper.
The writer observed that Druva was organized similarly to the Winnipeg Lettish Friendly Association and was influenced by Smits and his ill-fated Kanadietis.
Smits briefly helped raise money for his homeland, serving as corresponding secretary of the Lettish Relief Committee in Winnipeg.
Friction between the Winnipeg Lettish Friendly Association and the socialist local, hinted at or mentioned in passing throughout the year, was addressed directly by Smits in the 30 November issue.
In a letter to Andrejs Savins, who in 1919 established the organization Lettish Bureau "Latvia" in New York and whose work also was criticized by the leading newspapers on the right and the left, Smits complained that neither Amerikas Vestnesis nor Stradnieks provided readers with what they needed: a venue where they could freely express their thoughts and gain objective news.