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Greece: see LefkásLefkás,
formerly Levkás
or Leucas
, mountainous island (1991 pop. 19,350), c.115 sq mi (300 sq km), W Greece, in the Ionian Sea; one of the Ionian Islands. Lefkás (1991 pop.
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leucas, la prueba indico que no hubo una diferencia significativa.
Un chef est un requin qui voyage par terre: fonctions et statuts des armatures de projectile en dent de Carcharhinus leucas et aiguillon caudal de raie dans l'Arabie des VIe-IIIe millenaires av.
5 Carcharinus leucas GM 285 225 215 Carcharinus leucas I 300 239.
Age-length and length-weight comparisons in the beluga, Oelphinapterus leucas.
The analgesic activity of the methanol and acetone extracts of Leucas inflata L.
I'll soon be back in Old Blighty, and I'll be standing outside your supermarket with an earnest expression and a collecting tin any day now, trying to enlist your support to help me save 50 billion plankton a day from disappearing into the cruel jaws of Delphinapterus leucas.
Blanca como el paisaje polar, su nombre deriva precisamente de tal vocablo en ruso, belukha (por eso a la hueva de esturion blanco se le llama "caviar beluga"), con el cual los marineros del zar la bautizaron a mediados del siglo pasado; y su denominacion cientifica tiene un significado parecido en latin: Delphinapterus leucas o "delfin blanco sin espina dorsal".
279 gives two versions of the foundation-myth for the temple of Venus at Leucas, site of the famous `lovers' leap' where Sappho ended the pain of her rejection by Phaon.
There soon rose before us the cloud-capped peaks of Mount Leucas and the temple of Apollo, the terror of sailors.