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A minimal lexical unit of a language. Lexical analysis converts strings in a language into a list of lexemes. For a programming language these word-like pieces would include keywords, identifiers, literals and punctutation. The lexemes are then passed to the parser for syntactic analysis.



a unit of the lexical level of language, of its vocabulary.

The lexeme is the same type of abstract linguistic unit as the phoneme, morpheme, syntagma, sememe, and grapheme. It represents a word in all its forms and meanings; for example, all the forms of the word iazyk, “tongue,” and the different meanings of these forms in various contexts, such as iazyk oblozhen, “coated tongue,” russkii iazyk, “Russian language,” and iazyk proizvedeniia, “language of a literary work,” are identical as representatives of one and the same lexeme iazyk.

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Multext-East morphosyntactic descriptors for the Slovenian language, as described in (Erjavec, 2004), were used to provide the part-of-speech information of the lexemes, along with the lemmas.
However, there is some Variation in this set that seems to be linked to the lexeme relationship.
Most probably, the word beef gained a new connotation at the end of the nineteenth century when American soldiers did complain about the quantity and the quality of beef rations in encampments,16 However, Smitherman (2006: 22) and other scholars include this lexeme under the category of African American meanings.
The semantics of those lexemes Ca man who cuts the ties of his relationship'/'a slave made to be free after his owner's death') could reflect the situation mentioned above for the Ugaritic word: it could be used to designate someone who is no longer dependent on a master (wage earning), but who has become the master's 'self-employed (partner)' or 'collaborator', 'feudatory'.
Thus it could be said that a kind of reduction has taken place, but it is not the reduction of a morpheme (it is not the suffix -mine or -misel that has become shorter), nor the reduction of a lexeme (it is not the lexeme ajamine that has either globally or locally reduced into aje): it is the shortening of the general AMC construction and its particular partly lexically filled sub-constructions, which could be caused by the conventionalization of the constructions.
there must be at least two members m and m' of M such that if [m] and [m'] denote the sets of lexemes of D that can collocate with m and m', then [m] and [m'] must be significantly different.
The etymon of these lexemes must have been Proto-Slavic *gbordlo because some present-day variants of grblo contain d of the morpheme -dlo, which is definitely a Slavic suffix: Pol.
Like Amant, therefore, she embraces and advocates dissimulation; like Jean's, her universe becomes one of shifting and unstable lexemes.
Modern English ban and related lexemes will be shown to have their origin in common with abandon, the latter of disputed etymology.
Nevertheless, the present article argues that there are several problems remaining in FDG's LSC, namely, the place of operators and satellites, the use of a quasi-predicate logic notation, and the insertion of lexemes as parts-of-speech in the Representational Layer.
Pronouns are high-frequency lexemes and tend to behave morphologically differently, being frequently suppletive in a cross-linguistic perspective.
The contributions examine a range of topics, including medical vocabulary, color lexemes, and semantic and pragmatic meaning in terms for politeness, money and humor.