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Netherlands: see LeidenLeiden
or Leyden
, city (1994 pop. 114,892), South Holland prov., W Netherlands, on the Old Rhine (Oude Rijn) River. Manufactures include medical equipment, machinery, graphic arts, and food products. The famous State Univ.
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, Leyden
a city in the W Netherlands, in South Holland province: residence of the Pilgrim Fathers for 11 years before they sailed for America in 1620; university (1575). Pop.: 118 000 (2003 est.)
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Mr Leyden, who now works in London, slammed Mr Noonan and said his comments would upset people forced to leave.
Sen Leyden warned that Romas suffered from high rates of poverty and unemployment and were engaged in the "informal economy".
Their Liverpool and Bury-based firm, Leyden Kirby Associates, is an environmental consultancy that specialises in cleaning up contaminated land ready for redevelopment.
Leyden, of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.
EARLY BIRD: Vicky Leyden is first in the queue with her bonny daughter Abby Picture: TRACEY O'NEILL
Franklin noted the manner of discharge of the Leyden jar.
Leyden was named executive vice president and chief operating officer for OSi Specialties.
Leyden of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in Philadelphia, who helped develop the technique.
Leyden students won nine out of 16 blue ribbons in the first round of competition.