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support for the following assistance operations: medical and surgical expenses, assistance repatriation / death / early return, general civil liability, legal assistance and advance of criminal guarantee, baggage insurance, civil liability.
Practice insurance normally includes cover for contents, buildings, business interuption, public liability, employer's liability, legal expenses and fidelity.
Legal counsel should be involved as soon as a cyber incident is identified for a variety of risk mitigation, contractual liability, privacy liability, legal compliance and financial statement impact reduction reasons.
A range of free travel insurance with the LuLu Bank Muscat credit card includes travel accident insurance as well as insurance for lost baggage and money, cancellation, travel delay, delayed baggage, personal liability, legal expenses and loss of passport and access to free medical and legal referral services worldwide.
With continuing debate around Section 17(b) and Article 46 of India's nuclear liability law raising thorny questions about channeling liability, Legal Counsel of CIG Mr.
The Rochester Hills resident previously served as a research assistant for Collins Einhorn, researching and writing briefs and memoranda concerning no-fault auto, medical malpractice, premises liability, product liability, legal malpractice, toxic tort and appellate matters.
He puts into layman's terms issues of great legal complexity and concern, from scams and insurance and taxes and fakes, to liability, legal responsibility and financial consequences of a highly complex nature.
For Canada to acknowledge that Minamata disease exists in Ontario could imply liability, legal processes, punitive damages and costly remediation, all of which are powerful incentives for government to look the other way.
Captive classes mainly came from medical liability, legal, life insurance and income and employee protection.
He explains how contracts work including those for work), labor relations (including employment, discipline and discharge), civil procedure and trial practice, corporate structure and liability, legal aspects of medical practice (including an entire chapter on nursing and the law), liability by departments and health care professionals, managed care and organizational restructuring, information management and records, legal reporting requirements, patient consent and privacy, health care ethics, and professional liability insurance.
Liability, legal disputes, and litigation are terms that have become increasingly more familiar to the building design industry and professional engineers.
The four day event covered topics such as: web-based resources to support health programming; assessing the needs of individuals and the faith community, therapeutic listening; death and dying, bereavement, and advanced directives; providing spiritual care; referrals and documentation; ethics, licensure, liability, legal issues; recruiting volunteers and developing support groups; health promotion activities and resources; developing a health cabinet and how to start your own health ministry; and program evaluation.