Life Zone

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life zone

[′līf ‚zōn]
A portion of the earth's land area having a generally uniform climate and soil, and a biota showing a high degree of uniformity in species composition and adaptation.

Life Zone


one of the large subdivisions of the biosphere; a spatially expressed complex of abiotic, mainly climatic, factors and groups of plants and animals that have adapted to them. The concept of the life zone was introduced by the American scientist C. H. Merriam in 1890.

On land, a distinction is made between horizontal life zones (tundra, taiga, steppe, and so on) and vertical life zones. The latter are found in mountain areas (alpine meadows, mountain forests, and so on). Life zones in the oceans are longitudinal (two polar zones with constant low temperature and floating ice, two temperate zones with sharp seasonal temperature fluctuations, and one equatorial zone with constant high temperature) and vertical (littoral, sublittoral, deep-sea, abyssal, and so on). The fact that life zones are insufficiently distinguished from topographical zones has led to a failure to use the term “life zone.”

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The Upper Sonoran Woodland life zone adds trees such as juniper (Juniperus osteosperma), pinyon pine, and scattered ponderosa pines near channels or springs.
Developing a gap and joint point of projection and building supplies pressure of the lower part and, therefore, directing of airflow toward life zone.
farms sampled 0-500 17 501-1000 5 1001-1500 10 1501-2000 12 2001-2500 3 2501-3000 1 >3000 3 TABLE 2 Number of farms sampled according to life zone Life zones * Number of farms sampled Tropical 1 dry forest Premontane moist 7 forest Lower montane 4 moist forest Tropical 3 moist forest Premontane moist 1 forest, basal belt transition Tropical moist 1 forest, premontane belt transition Tropical moist 1 forest, perhumid transition Lower montane 10 wet forest Premontane wet 7 forest Premontane wet 7 forest, basal belt transition Tropical wet forest 1 Premontane wet 1 forest, rainforest transition Montane wet forest 1 Tropical wet 1 forest, premontane transition Montane rainforest 2 Lower montane 2 rainforest Premontane 1 rainforest * according to L.
53% (95) were found in the life zone corresponding to premontane wet forest; 22.
Hacienda Los Planes de Montecristo (14[degrees] 24' N, 89[degrees] 22' W, 1800 meters elevation) is in the Lower Montane Wet Forest life zone of Holdridge (1975).
He will also talk about his Teammates for Kids Foundation, the charity for which the soiree is raising money to build a new Child Life Zone at Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health.
Deconstruction works: - deforestation, Clearing of the right-of-way necessary for the execution of the works, - deconstruction of existing structures, - site security, - removes existing fences, - removal and removal of part of the mixes from the life zone, - removing borders in the living area, - application of topsoil to the right of the deconstructed building in the life zone.
In Costa Rica, Premontane Tropical Moist Forest life zone is considered an endangered ecosystem, because only 12.
Clams the size of dinner plates that reek of sulfur, tube worms that grow up to 8 feet and ghostly crabs and eel-like fish share the narrow but surprisingly rich life zone around the vents.
The island's vegetation has been classified according to the Life Zone system (Ewel and Whitmore 1973) as subtropical dry forest, subtropical moist forest, subtropical wet forest, subtropical rain forest, lower montane wet forest, and lower montane rain forest.
Popularly named the "Carolinian" life zone, the region is the northern-most area of the eastern deciduous forest that extends into the deep south of the United States.
The Insurance Solution, which will be demonstrated at the ACORD/LOMA event in Pedestals 35 and 38 in the IBM Life Zone and in Booth 1925, represents the insurance industry's first Model-Driven Integration Solution that unites enterprise data management and real-time insurance bus initiatives.