light dimmer

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A device which varies the light intensity of a light source without appreciably affecting the spatial distribution of the light; usually an electric control device that varies the current flow and hence the light output of the lamp. dimmer room A room in which are located the dimmers for controlling the lights for an auditorium or theater.
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The S9648 is appropriate for light level measurement applications including energy saving sensors for televisions and in light dimmers for liquid crystal panels.
Typical examples include light camera exposure, brightness controls, shutter controls, night lights, street light controls, low-light level detection, light dimmers, auto headlights, sun sensors for air conditioners, security systems, office machines, audio equipment non-contact volume control, and other visible light sensor applications.
An example would be phase control applications for light dimmers.
Power-electronics devices -- from light dimmers to variable-speed drives -- can better match electrical devices and applicances to their varying needs, and save energy in the process.
Turn off unnecessary lighting and consider getting light dimmers.
Specific uses include energy storage, DC output chokes, fly-back inductors, differential-mode chokes, light dimmers and EMI filters.
Fitting rooms even feature flattering light dimmers, so that customers can view themselves in their undies in the s e m i -darkness
Though CFLs and LEDs both use less energy than typical incandescent and halogen light sources do, they also have a shortcoming: historically, they have not been compatible with light dimmers.
The brochure also includes Si photodiodes for general photometry and camera applications such as light dimmers, color identification, exposure meters, auto strobe, and illuminaters.
Lutron offers a variety of light dimmers, whole-home and whole-building dimming systems, controllable window treatments, and color-matched accessories, including wall plates, receptacles, and fan controls.
Control over auditorium functions are accomplished with the Christie ACT Digital Cinema Theatre Control, a very powerful and flexible program that allows exhibitors to adjust light dimmers, masking motors, audio levels, or the projector and server from any web capable device on the same network.