partial function

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partial function

[′pär·shəl ′fəŋk·shən]
(computer science)
A partial function from a set A to a set B is a correspondence between some subset of A and B which associates with each element of the subset of A a unique element of B.

partial function

A function which is not defined for all arguments of its input type. E.g.

f(x) = 1/x if x /= 0.

The opposite of a total function. In denotational semantics, a partial function

f : D -> C

may be represented as a total function

ft : D' -> lift(C)

where D' is a superset of D and

ft x = f x if x in D ft x = bottom otherwise

where lift(C) = C U bottom. Bottom (LaTeX \perp) denotes "undefined".
References in classic literature ?
Hearing that I was your professional adviser, he declined to interpose before my very limited function was performed.
Phillip Tully, for Jones, said she had a limited function under direction and said that an immediate prison sentence in her case would be devastating as she had young children to care for.
Carl Kingsley, representing Horn, said he played a limited function in what went on, but accepted he rented the premises in March and the plants were discovered in April.
He was performing a limited function in all of this and it was under direction.
We've rolled out a more limited function across Poland, U.
But Goffer, who has used a wheelchair since an all-terrain vehicle accident in 1997, has never used his first invention because his injuries left him with limited function in his arms.
He only has limited function in his arms and legs, and has turned to a specialist spinal rehabilitation centre - which he is paying for himself.
Some of the symptoms include pain, crepitus, and stiffness after immobility and limited function.
One of the more recent and critical enhancements to CPOF is the Disconnected, Intermittent, Limited function.
I have to accept this was a significant operation, producing significant quantities of cannabis; but he was in a lesser role, playing a limited function for the limited reward of free accommodation.
He added: "He was the character, when I was writing the pilot, who served a kind of limited function.
Morbidity usually is secondary to pain and limited function.

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