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Suborden Athecata (Gymnoblastea, Anthomedusae), Thecata (Calyptoblastea, Leptomedusae) y Limnomedusae.
1, Anthomedusae, Leptomedusae, Limnomedusae, Trachymedusae, and Narcomedusae.
These medusae were assigned to the genus Gonionemus, which is well distinguished from other marine genera of Limnomedusae.
Table 1 Comparison of hell morphology and kinematics and swimming performance of different medusan taxa that use different propulsive strategies as juveniles than their rowing adult forms Class Hydrozoa Hydrozoa Scyphozoa Order Leptomedusae Limnomedusae Semaeostomeae Genus Aequorea (1) Liriope (2) Cyanea (3) Juvenile Propulsive mode Jetting Rowing Paddling Size (cm) 0.