Lincoln Highway

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Lincoln Highway

Address:Illinois Lincoln Highway Coalition
200 South State St
Belvidere, IL 61008

Web: Description:The historic byway follows the original alignment of the Lincoln Highway, the first paved, transcontinental highway in the United States. It was the site of the first "seedling mile" of paved roadway, conceived and promoted by Carl Fisher to demonstrate the superiority of pavement over dirt roads. Byway passes through several cities and historic sites, and preserves some of the original navigation markers, allowing visitors to get a sense of the original journey.
Legth: 179 miles. Start/Endpoint: Byway crosses the width of northern Illinois from Lynwood, just south of Chicago on the Illinois-Indiana border, to Fulton on the Mississippi River. Most of the Illinois section of the byway follows US 30 and IL 38. Time to Allow: 3 hours. Designation/Year: National Scenic Byway (2000).

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Cash 5 produced yet another jackpot winner on Sunday, December 6, when a $125,000 jackpot was won by one ticket sold at Kwik Fill, 8739 Lincoln Highway, Bedford, Bedford County.
But America's real 'Mother Road' - running more than 3,000 miles from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific - is the Lincoln Highway.
Fisher went on to mastermind the Lincoln Highway, develop Miami Beach and Montauk, New York, and found (with Allison) the Indianapolis company that built Prest-O-Lite headlamps.
The former Entenmann's distribution and retail bakery facility at 2120 Lincoln Highway, Edison, sold for $2,775,000.
Contact Info: Sugalya Murugesan Market Development Analyst ZSL 85 Lincoln Highway Edison, NJ sugalyam@zslinc.
THE SHIP HOTEL: A GRAND VIEW ALONG THE LINCOLN HIGHWAY covers the highway's most famous attraction, blending vintage images with the author's own 'you are there' style narrative to create a lively survey of bygone years.
Highway 50, the original Pony Express route from the 1860's, later named the Transcontinental Lincoln Highway.
It took the original convoy of 81 vehicles 62 days to reach San Francisco from Washington, averaging 6 mph over dirt roads and the incomplete Lincoln Highway, and collapsing several bridges under the weight of the vehicles.
American culture used to be a roadside culture, and the Lincoln Highway represented America's first transcontinental highway when it embraced 13 states and began in 1913 with much promise.
This volume consists of stories about historical places along the Lincoln Highway, with many photos of them.
Largely following The Lincoln Highway, Eisenhower found the road system largely unpaved and unable to support motorized vehicles.

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