Lincoln Highway

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Lincoln Highway

Address:Illinois Lincoln Highway Coalition
200 South State St
Belvidere, IL 61008

Web: Description:The historic byway follows the original alignment of the Lincoln Highway, the first paved, transcontinental highway in the United States. It was the site of the first "seedling mile" of paved roadway, conceived and promoted by Carl Fisher to demonstrate the superiority of pavement over dirt roads. Byway passes through several cities and historic sites, and preserves some of the original navigation markers, allowing visitors to get a sense of the original journey.
Legth: 179 miles. Start/Endpoint: Byway crosses the width of northern Illinois from Lynwood, just south of Chicago on the Illinois-Indiana border, to Fulton on the Mississippi River. Most of the Illinois section of the byway follows US 30 and IL 38. Time to Allow: 3 hours. Designation/Year: National Scenic Byway (2000).

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In December 1914, members of the Lincoln Highway Association took part in a drive of the 3,400-mile (5,472-kilometer) road from New York City to San Francisco.
Every summer, the Lincoln Highway Association has celebratory runs across various sections - and the motor museum fits perfectly into the schedule.
Midwestern manufacturers of automobiles and automobile parts formed the best known of these associations, the Lincoln Highway Association, in 1912.
Although the session is for members of the Lincoln Highway Association, events are open to the public.

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