Lincoln Memorial

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Lincoln Memorial,

monument, 107 acres (45 hectares), in Potomac Park, Washington, D.C.; built 1914–17. The building, designed by Henry Bacon and styled after a Greek temple, has 36 Doric columns representing the states of the Union at the time of Lincoln's death. Inside the building is a heroic statue of Lincoln by Daniel Chester French and two murals by Jules Guerin.

Lincoln Memorial

Address:c/o National Capitol Parks - Central
900 Ohio Dr SW
Washington, DC 20024

Size: 107 acres.
Established: Authorized on February 9, 1911. Dedicated on May 30, 1922. Transferred from Office of Public Buildings and Public Parks of the National Capital on August 10, 1933.
Location:On 23rd St., between Independence and Constitution avenues in Washington, DC.
Facilities:Rest rooms (é), self-guided tour/trail.
Activities:Interpretive programs, guided walks.
Special Features:This classical structure contains a 19-foot-high marble seated statue of Abraham Lincoln by sculptor Daniel Chester French. Murals, painted by Jules Guerin depicting principles evident in Lincoln's life, are on the north and south walls of the memorial above inscriptions of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address and his Second Inaugural Address. The building is constructed primarily of Colorado Yule marble and Indiana limestone. Architect of the building was Henry Bacon.

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The two-mile green expanse that stretches westward from the Capitol reflecting pool to the Lincoln Memorial embodies the 1791 vision of city planner Pierre Charles L'Enfant--an open space where people might promenade and bustle in and out of public buildings that line the avenue.
The controversy over the Lincoln Memorial tape began in February 2003, when the conservative organization CNS News ran a series of stories attacking the Lincoln Memorial video as left-leaning propaganda.
In Washington, Park Service officials are under fire from Religious Right groups who have protested a video for visitors at the Lincoln Memorial.
As I approached the Lincoln Memorial, I spotted a water fountain shimmering in the distance beyond a cluster of parched and deserted baseball diamonds, but arrived to discover it was broken.
Yeah, the twins saw the Lincoln Memorial and the White House.
And while we're at it, should not the Lincoln Memorial be joined by a memorial to Frederick Douglass, who better represented the struggle against slavery?
will direct a star-studded gala to be held on the steps of Washington's Lincoln Memorial, a film created by director Steven Spielberg will be shown on outdoor screens, and President Clinton will deliver a speech just prior to a sound-and-light show above the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument.
It lies on an axis which runs south-west from the Lincoln Memorial on the other side of the Potomac River to Arlington House, on top of a green hill, the flanks of which are transformed into a topography of the dead with rows of identical white gravestones that stretch ever further upward.
Right down the middle of Washington, for those of you who have not been there, is a vast rectangular mall with such familiar sights on it as the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and the National Gallery, a vast collection of art treasures well worth visiting.
The brilliance of Marian Anderson performing in the opera houses of Europe as well as at the feet of the Lincoln Memorial brings home the definition of freedom.
At the far west end sits the Lincoln Memorial (Constitution Gardens at 23rd St.
The Honor Flight program will allow them to visit the World War II monument, Iwo Jima, the Vietnam Wall, the Lincoln Memorial and Arlington National Cemetery -- all in one day.

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