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An ICMI study of linear algebra at university level, ref.
Brestcher, Linear Algebra with Applications, Third edition, Pearson Prentice Hall, 2005.
Or, in Linear Algebra, once the basic concepts are well grasped by the student, computer programs can be used to illustrate the ideas with systems of equations involving large numbers of equations and variables.
The NIST Matrix Market is such a Web-based repository of matrices for use in the comparative analysis of algorithms and software for numerical linear algebra.
Basic linear algebra topics, such as vectors, dot product, cross product, and vector projection are explored, as well as a unique variety of more advanced topics including rotations in space, 'rolling' a circle along a curve, and the TNB Frame.
Considering the heavy use of the Internet Explorer in Korea's educational environment, the dependability on the Internet Explorer has been a big obstacle on the wide use of the MathML in our linear algebra classes.
This textbook modernizes and integrates a semester of advanced linear algebra with a semester of Multivariable real analysis to provide a new and redesigned year-long curriculum in linear and nonlinear analysis.
Anton presents this linear algebra textbook for introductory undergraduate courses, organized so as to enable skipping over portions that require calculus background.
Students are expected to have prior knowledge of the familiar tools of mathematical physics, such as linear algebra and complex analysis, and a good background in classical and quantum mechanics.
It contains computational arrays for linear algebra and matrix computations.
Twelve linear algebra students were interviewed about the concept of a Solution of a System of Equations.
Derive 5 college software does for the higher math of algebra, trigonometry, calculus and linear algebra what the scientific calculator did for arithmetic.

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