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Access files and programs residing on a Windows, Linux PC or Mac from any remote computer, no matter what the operating system, or via a Web browser.
Our system builders have been forging new ground in the low-end Linux PC market for over 5 years now," said Larry Kettler, president and CEO of Linspire, Inc.
Users can easily and quickly connect peripherals to the Linux PC using the color-coded connector panel.
This will allow open source developers like the Xfree86 Project to develop 3D drivers for Linux PCs.
The interactive edition will be available on other platforms as well, including Windows, Mac and Linux PCs.
When faced with the high cost of buying a PBX for his company, Linux Support Services, Mark simply used his Linux PC and knowledge of C code to write his own.
Your spreadsheets are automatically saved to both your local hard drive and to your online Glide account for anytime, anywhere access from your Linux PC or mobile handset.
Now you can carry not only your data, but also your entire operating system and all essential software applications on a small bootable USB device to use anywhere, on any Windows or Linux PC, without leaving a trace.
The Computer-On-a-Stick runs on any PC with an x86 processor, which includes nearly every Windows and Linux PC shipped over the past 5 years.
Video Conference testing supports testing between any two devices (agents) including Android mobile devices, Windows and Linux PCs.
With over 750 million registered users worldwide, its flagship WPS Office product is one of the world's most popular, cross-platform office solutions, allowing users to view, create and share any office document on Android and iOS mobile devices and Windows and Linux PCs.