Joseph Liouville

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Liouville, Joseph


Born Mar. 24, 1809, in St. Orner; died Sept. 8, 1882, in Paris. French mathematician. Member of the Paris Academy of Sciences (1839).

Liouville was a professor at the Ecole Polytechnique (from 1833) and the Collège de France (from 1839). He constructed the theory of elliptic functions, which he viewed as doubly periodic functions of a complex variable. He also studied the boundary-value problem for second-order linear differential equations (the Sturm-Liouville problem). Liouville proved the existence of transcendental numbers and gave an actual construction of such numbers. He established a fundamental theorem in mechanics (Liouville’s theorem) on the integration of the canonical equations of dynamics.


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Spectral simulations were performed by the spectral fitting program Nonlinear Least-Squares program, which is based on the Stochastic Liouville equation and uses the modified Levenberg-Marquardt minimization algorithm to calculate the best fit with experimental spectra (17), (18).
The physics of rotating fluid masses has occupied some of the greatest minds in science, including Newton, Maclaurin, Jacobi, Meyer, Liouville, Dirichlet, Dedekind, Riemann, Poincare, Cartan, Roche, and Darwin [3].
Twelve papers from the September 2009 conference consider questions related to impulsive matrix differential equations, non-homogeneous differential equations with Liouville fractional derivatives, Dunkl operators, Fourier-Bessel transformations, and the power-type nonlinear conjugation problem.
Le premier secretaire de la federation mosellane du Parti socialiste, Jean-Pierre Liouville, s'est lui-meme adresse a Jean-Marc Ayrault pour lui demander "de rendre public dans les plus brefs delais l'accord signe avec M.
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In 1869, Liouville (3) and Hallopeau (4) each reported a patient probably having hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HC).
One Sunday several years ago Emma, Dee, Polly, Cal and I were TURING Kentucky in our CHEVALLEY when I suggested that we attend a backgammon tournament in LIOUVILLE.
In a study of 271 French SMEs (6-500 employees), Liouville and Bayad (1995) established that firms having a strong "qualitative" orientation toward HRM were also those that showed the best economic performance.
Joseph Liouville, the unacknowledged legislator of narratological physics proposed a theorem according to which phase-space volume does not change with time-evolution.
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