liquified natural gas

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liquified natural gas (LNG)

A product of natural gas essentially consisting of methanes; stored under pressure to maintain its liquid state; used as a fuel for heating and cooking.
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He said the project would not only help transport Regassified Liquified Natural Gas but also give transport capabilities for the Iran-Pakistan (IP) and Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline projects "Which are expected to come on line in next three to five years.
The forum will also play a key role in co-ordinating activity on the market of liquified natural gas (LNG) as it comprises the world's largest LNG producing countries.
has received key environmental permits from the State of Florida to allow construction of onsite components for its offshore Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) terminal.
The contract has been signed to sell liquified natural gas to the Indian company.
Taking the three energy sources in turn, the component studies consider such aspects as seeking competition and supply security in natural gas in the US and Europe, worsening geopolitics and increasing global competition for liquified natural gas, contractual and financial arrangements for new nuclear investment in liberalized markets, lessons from British Energy on nuclear power and deregulated electricity markets, hydrogen from renewables, and the contributions of the hydrogen transition to the goals of the European Union energy and climate policy.
Hungary, Romania, Georgia and Azerbaijan joined forces in a project to deliver liquified natural gas (LNG) from Azerbaijan to Romania and on to Hungary through Georgia.
In a significant move for LNG imports in the country, joint venture of Shell Gas BV and Total Gas Electriciti Holdings France have opened their liquified natural gas (LNG) terminal at Hazira in Southern Gujarat for other players too.
5 million tonne per annum (mtpa) of liquified natural gas for 25 years.
The recently opened Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) terminals at Milford Haven have the capacity to handle up to 25% of UK gas imports, and 20% of Britain's petrol and diesel is processed at nearby oil refineries.
Here, liquified natural gas is produced and exported to the entire world.
A German firm recently has sought to sell a liquified natural gas installation to Iran which looks for more German companies` investment in the country.
ConocoPhillips, which operates the Norsea Oil terminal at Seal Sands, first unveiled plans to build a liquified natural gas regasification facility and combined heat and power plant at the terminal in 2005, then estimated to cost at up to pounds 500m.