Literaturnoe Nasledstvo

Literaturnoe Nasledstvo


Literaturnoe nasledstvo has published several thousand previously unknown works, letters, reminiscences, and other texts discovered in Soviet and foreign archives; it was the first to publish a number of important documents characterizing the aesthetic literary views of K. Marx and F. Engels and those dealing with V. I. Lenin’s work in building Soviet socialist culture (the volume Lenin and Lunacharskii).

Most of the volumes of Literaturnoe nasledstvo are organized on the monographic principle—that is, they are devoted to a single writer: A. S. Pushkin, M. lu. Lermontov (two books), I. S. Turgenev (three books), N. A. Nekrasov (three books), F. M. Dostoevsky (three books), M. E. Saltykov-Shchedrin (two books), A. P. Chekhov, L. N. Tolstoy (six books), and I. A. Bunin (two books). The Soviet classics are represented by volumes on V. V. Mayakovsky and M. Gorky.

Another series of volumes is thematic: Russian Songs, Decembrist Writers (three books), Goethe and Russia, Russian Culture and France (three books), Foreign Archives of Herzen and Ogarev (six books), From the Creative Legacy of Soviet Writers (two books), and Soviet Writers on the Fronts of the Great Patriotic War (two books). Archive documents are published with accompanying research articles, commentaries, and bibliographies. The publications are rich in illustrations, most reproduced for the first time.


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