Lloyd, David

Lloyd, David,

c.1656–1731, political leader in colonial Pennsylvania, b. Wales. Having been commissioned attorney general of Pennsylvania by William Penn, Lloyd arrived in Philadelphia in 1686. He later became a member of the provincial assembly, acting as its speaker and serving in the provincial council on several occasions. After 1703, Lloyd assumed the leadership of the antiproprietary party and was in constant sharp conflict with James LoganLogan, James,
1674–1751, American colonial statesman and scholar, b. Ireland. While engaged in the shipping trade, Logan met William Penn and became (1699) his secretary. He emigrated to Philadelphia with Penn and remained his confidential adviser for many years.
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. He served as chief justice of Pennsylvania from 1717 until his death.
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UK Can also had a second-half goal rush, hitting six in a 7-0 triumph over Western Hotel - Scott Powell (4), David Lloyd, David Hughes and Mark Tudge scoring.
Back row (from left): Roger Eccleston (Alan Copper Estates), Craig Lloyd, David Moore, Ian Jones, James Goodyear, Dave Johnson (manager).
Young hopefuls such as Lacey Lloyd, David Taylor and Amy Sargeant have all received player grants from the LTA while Luisa Cowper (another LTA rising star), Neil Goldsby (one of the assistant coaches) and Neil Scantlebury have represented the county at senior level.
Lennie Woodard was their try scoring hero with four touch-downs, the others coming from Steven John, Nick Lloyd, David Smith, Mark Jones, Gareth Taylor and Ngalu Tau.
Steven Callaghan, Iwan Jones, Nick Lloyd, David Hopper and cox Sarah Armstrong go in the men's four and eight after racing to bronze in Nottingham with the Chester-based Grosvenor Rowing Club.
Clockwise from above: Rebecca Thurston, Sarah LePoidevin and Helen Kendrick David Brown, Tony Nash and Julie Craig Robin Balmain, Bev Weston and Roger Bishop Peter Henbrey, Derek Faraday, Martin Burman John Percy, Alastair Grindey, Damian Lloyd, David Tuft, Lucinda Bottrill and Diana Mucklow Richard Nock, Noel Muscutt, Steve Perriton and Mark Lockett
He'll certainly get better with the players like Graham Lloyd, David Snellgrove and Adam Warren around him.
Results: Coventry & North Warwickshire 2nds 3 (Kev Hackleton, Chris Sewell 2) Melton 2nds 1, Northampton Saints 3rds 11 Coventry 3rds 1 (Andy Ball), Coventry 4ths 3 (Matthew Leatherdale, Michael White, David Sewell) Rugby & East Warwicks 6ths 1, Lichfield 2nds 1 Rugby 2nds 4 (Lee Marriott, Dave Odwell, Ali Jenkinson, Chris Hardin), Rugby 3rds 1 Alex Salter) Loughborough University 3rds 3, Sutton Coldfield 4ths 3 Rugby 4ths 3, Leek 5ths 5 Rugby 5ths 1 (Callum Mackay), Rugby 7ths 4 (Hibberd, Nicholson, Chorley, Ram) Melton Mowbray 0, Hampton 2nds 2 (Richard Ackroyd 2) Boots 2nd 4, Hampton 4ths 5 Khalsa 4ths 0, Hampton 5ths 3 (Phil Baker, David Lloyd, David Robinson) Worcester 8ths 1.
Recollections have already been lost as members have passed away in recent years and Chris Lloyd, David Jones and others are using the 50th anniversary of the founding of the OVMRT in 2015 as the impetus to write a book before more opportunities are lost.
Hailing from Penarth, Neath Afan and Pembrokeshire Special Needs Gymnastics Club, artistic gymnasts James Savory, Kiaran Parsons, Gareth Lloyd, David Melly, Daffydd Williams, Jemma Bowie Hallam, Victoria Walters, Emma Martin, Daniel Johnson and Alana Pugh competed alongside 1,700 athletes with intellectual disabilities.
Over the years, I've cheered on Angela Mortimer, Christine Trueman, Ann Jones, Sue Barker, Victoria Wade, Roger Taylor, John Lloyd, David Lloyd, Greg Rusedski and Tim Henman.
PIRANHA 3DD (18) CAST: Katrina Bowden, Christopher Lloyd, David Hasselhoff, Gary Busey, Ving Rhames, David Koechner PLOT: The flesh-eating piranhas are back in a new adventure water park - and the women's boobs are bigger than ever.