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C22H27NO2 A crystalline compound isolated from the herb and seeds of Indian tobacco (Labelia inflata); melting point is 130-131°C; soluble in hot alcohol, chloroform, and benzene; used in medicine as a respiratory stimulant.



an alkaloid contained in plants from the genus Lobelia; it is a respiratory stimulant. In medicine, lobeline hydrochloride is used in a solution, which is injected intravenously or intramuscularly. It is indicated for respiratory standstill or weakening of respiratory activity. Lobeline is sometimes used diagnostically to determine the circulation rate.

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HI RES PHOTOS: Lobeline Communications/Phil Lobel, 310-271-1551, ext.
MDR reversal potential of lobeline could be demonstrated in cells treated with doxorubicin in that lobeline can sensitize resistant tumor cells at non-toxic concentrations.
Contact Christopher Kingry or Phil Lobel at Lobeline Communications, 310-271-1551, to request copies.
We are in the process of analyzing various safe, natural plant nutriceutical that may recruit stem cells including low level (S)-nicotine Angiogenix(TM), lobeline, carbamyl, natural choline esterase inhibitors, and others.
WHERE: Bradley Center 1001 North Fourth Street Milwaukee, WI 53203-1314 414/227-0400 MEDIA CONTACT: Phil Lobel Lobeline Communications, 310/271-1551 Cellular phone on-site, 310/995-7552 email: sky1PHIL@aol.
DynaGen is developing NicErase sublingual lobeline sulfate for smoking cessation, NicCheck for immediate assessment of smoking status, and OrthoDyn polymers for bone repair.
NASDAQ:DYGN; BSE:DYG) today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued a notice of allowance for the company's application for its proprietary transdermal delivery system for the administration of lobeline as an aid to smoking cessation.