Log-Periodic Antenna

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log-periodic antenna

[′läg ‚pir·ē¦ad·ik an′ten·ə]
A broad-band antenna which consists of a sheet of metal with two wedge-shaped cutouts, each with teeth cut into its radii along circular arcs; characteristics are repeated at a number of frequencies that are equally spaced on a logarithmic scale.

Log-Periodic Antenna


a type of a frequency-independent antenna with periodic repetition of the ratios of the characteristic dimensions of the adjoining components. The repetition obeys a logarithmic law in such a way that the ratio between the wavelength of the electromagnetic oscillations being radiated and the characteristic dimensions of the excited part of the antenna remains virtually constant over a wide frequency range.

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The University wishes to appoint a design company to develop the mechanical design of a log-periodic antenna sub-system covering 50-650MHz for the low frequency aperture array element of the Square Kilometre Array, SKA, radio telescope.
The author employs mathematical tools--specifically, log-periodic power laws--to study the prebubble or precrash buildup in a financial system to its critical point.