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a Sunday newspaper in Great Britain; founded in 1791. It is published in London by the Observer Limited. The Observer is a moderately liberal newspaper intended mainly for readers from the bourgeois intelligentsia. Circulation, 730,000 (1976). [18–681–1; updated]

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This was based on a clipping from the London Observer 100 years earlier which commented on the baths and hotel being built there.
He then cites an interview in the London Observer, in which Singhal said Google has not enabled people to become better searchers.
Called the “Sexiest Place on Earth," by The London Observer and recently earning the coveted #1 spot on the Travel Channel's World's Sexiest Beach Bars list, Nikki Beach continues to make its mark in the hottest addresses and trendsetting locales worldwide.
Another London observer noted auroral activity but thought that it could not be so and admitted that he left the display to go indoors.
In 1998, Nikki Beach introduced the world to the beach club concept bringing together dining, fashion, art, music and entertainment and was described by the London Observer as the Osexiest place on Earth.
Herman Van Rompuy cleverly gave London observer status in the work of drafting the future European treaty.
Apparently, London Observer film critic Philip French fell for Morgan's bait and wrote that in 1977 Nixon "was finally sunk" by David Frost.
People come to this beachAuwhich the London Observer said Aorivals anywhere on Earth for breathtaking coastal grandeurAoAuto forget their troubles.
Clark was asked about the so-called "canonical five" Jack the Ripper murders by the East London Observer in 1910.
CRAG member Andy Ross told The London Observer that his group was already seeing Kyoto-type negotiations.
The London Observer relayed "mutterings" that the French could not be expected to back a war on Iraq justified only by a "failed doctoral thesis.
While the 21st century may turn out to be the Chinese Century in the same way the 20th was the American Century, Hutton (former editor of the London Observer and economics editor of The Guardian) argues that doesn't portend the authoritarian future that many westerners fear.

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