London Science Museum

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London Science Museum


(National Museum of Science and Industry), one of the largest and oldest museums of the technology of Great Britain. It had its origin in the Great Exhibition of 1851 and was opened on June 24, 1857, in Kensington. The museum collects and displays materials and objects showing the development and present state of science and technology. Its 53 collections contain approximately 40,000 objects.

The museum has divisions of physics, chemistry (including metallurgy), astronomy and geophysics, sea and land transport, electricity (electrical engineering and communications), aeronautics, sailing vessels, agriculture, and construction. Collections are arranged in chronological order and cover an area of 30,000 sq m. Most of the objects are actual working instruments, equipment, and machines (in the aeronautics section, for example, 20 aircraft are on display) or exact models. Among its unique historical displays are J. Watt’s workshop, brought to the museum in its entirety, and G. Stephenson’s locomotive. The museum has a library, lecture and film halls, workshops, a photography studio, and division laboratories. It conducts scientific work and issues 12 scientific publications annually.


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The students were invited to the national awards ceremony at the London Science Museum where they were presented with a trophy made from a 3D printer and PS1,000 by former Tomorrow's World presenter Maggie Philbin.
All About Me beat off competition from the Dr Who Experience in Cardiff and Launchpad at the London Science Museum.
NASDAQ: SSYS), a manufacturer of 3D printers and materials for personal use, prototyping and production, has today announced that the London Science Museum will feature 150 3D printed miniature models of visitors in its new exhibition, ' 3D: Printing the Future.
Stringed Figure is a smoother combination of bronze and string, apparently inspired by a visit to the London Science Museum.
A poll of 3000 people by the London Science Museum has revealed that people would rather live without a flushing toilet than Facebook.
Clockwise from top left: The London Science Museum, the Peter Harrison Planetarium, Museum of London Docklands, the West End and The LolliBop Festival
She joined other shortlisted pupils from schools across England at a special event held at the London Science Museum.
While preparing for the exhibition at the London Science Museum, conservators examined each mould in turn, taking them to pieces to scrutinise the detail inside.
As part of this fantastic prize, you and your family will also enjoy a visit to Wallace & Gromit Present A World of Cracking Ideas exhibition at the London Science Museum.
However the London Science Museum has come up with a child friendly, interactive and hands-on approach.
Perhaps we might call it the post-Dolly present, in which the sweater made from the cloned sheep's fleece drew the largest crowd ever registered at the London Science Museum when it was exhibited there in 1998.
MIRROR journalists will be appearing at a series of events at the London Science Museum as part of the newspaper's centenary celebrations.
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