Lone Wolf

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Lone Wolf,

d. 1879, Kiowa Chief. He led some KiowasKiowa
, Native North Americans whose language is thought to form a branch of the Aztec-Tanoan linguistic stock (see Native American languages). The Kiowa, a nomadic people of the Plains area, had several distinctive traits, including a pictographic calendar and the worship of a
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 on raids in 1874 after his son had been killed by whites, but he was defeated and with a number of followers was deported to Florida, where he remained in military confinement for three years; he died one year after his release.
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Tune in for 10 capers from Columbia Pictures' classic serial, including Warren William in THE LONE WOLF SPY HUNT(August 8) with Ida Lupino and Rita Hayworth; THE LONE WOLF TAKES A CHANCE(August 14); COUNTER-ESPIONAGE(August 21); and Gerald Mohr in THE NOTORIOUS LONE WOLF(August 28).
Speaking after the visit, Commissioner Hogan-Howe, 54, said: "Certainly in terms of a lone wolf, it is always a possibility, an individual who, as we have seen in America, gets hold of a firearm and does some terrible things.
With hunting knives by Loveless and gentleman's folders by Paul firmly entrenched in the line, Lone Wolf turned to custom knifemaker and designer Bill Harsey to take the leap into the lucrative tactical folder market.
THE Lone Wolf case echoes the last time Safeway was at the centre of a poisoning scare.
Ramon Spaaij, from La Trobe University in Australia and the University of Amsterdam, examines this so-far largely unexplored phenomenon in his new report 'Understanding Lone Wolf Terrorism'.
It's hard to believe that the stand experts at Lone Wolf could improve on their revolutionary Alpha Ladder, which pretty much set the standard for portable ladders, but their all-new ladder stand pretty much has it all--and it's much lighter (only 60 pounds) and much less expensive (about $150 less) than the original.
Lone Wolf Knives has increasingly gained recognition for its intriguing and unique limited edition knives.
Japan's cinema is loaded with epics of errant mystical warriors, from such films as ``Yamato Takeru'' (1994), ``Shikonmado-Dai tatsumak'' (1964), ``Dai Tokozu'' (1963) as well as the Zatoichi and Lone Wolf and Cub series of the '60s and '70s, respectively.
Lone Wolf currently deploys this technology for superfund projects requiring remediation of hydrocarbon-impacted soils.
26 (ANI): American counter-terrorism officials seem to be now more concerned about the emergence of a lone wolf scenario - terrorists working to hit prescribed targets in an individual capacity, and not being bothered about receiving instructions or guidelines from a terror network or well known leader.
The article in Rolling Stone depicts the general as a lone wolf unable to persuade even some of his own soldiers that his strategy can win the war.
In one note, he said: "Hi, it's me, Lone Wolf, People's Champion.