Long Range

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Long Range,

mountain range, extending c.300 mi (480 km) along the west coast of Newfoundland island, Canada; rises to 2,672 ft (814 m) in the Lewis Hills. It forms the Great Northern Peninsula of NW Newfoundland. Part of the Appalachian system, the range consists of parallel ridges that rise steeply from the coast and slope gently eastward. A depression, of which Grand Lake and St. George's Bay are part, divides Long Range into two sections. The densely forested range is economically important for timber. Gros Morne National Park is there.
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CONTACT: Wendy McAninch of Long Range Systems, Inc.
By connecting the RFID long range reader with PC and PDA, the 125KHz RFID reader can be used for most RFID applications such as access control, time and attendance, industrial automation, process control and logistics.
Ken Matticks, legal counsel for Long Range Systems, stated, "Long Range Systems takes any infringement of its patents very seriously, trademarks or trade dress.
Headquartered in Lustenau, Austria, with offices in the United States and Canada, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS specializes in long range wireless tracking and tracing solutions.
Larry Nelson, Fuddruckers' Vice President of Construction, said, "We chose Long Range Systems because of their history with us and their strong commitment to customer service.
No one in the security industry thought it was possible to combine the highest level of security with long range active RFID technology and fit them into the accepted form factor of a credit card," said Steve Campisi, president of Digital Defense Group.
Gooding, president and chief executive officer of RHNB Corporation and Rock Hill National Bank and also a member of the long range planning committee, stated: "The board of directors has not decided to sell the company.
Intelleflex Corporation, a leading developer of Long range battery assisted passive RFID technology and MTI Wireless Edge, a leading developer of flat panel antennas for RFID and Fixed Wireless applications today announced the start of a partnership resulting in Intelleflex integrating MTI antennas in their long range RFID OEM products.
Detailed reports from Iraq indicate that both the LRAD 1000 and LRAD 500 have been very effective in a host of land- and sea-based applications, including marine interdiction operations, controlling maritime vessel traffic, protecting critical oil infrastructure in the Persian Gulf, check point crowd control, internment facilities, convoy protection, and as a secondary means of long range communication.
11 AirEther(TM) Long Range Wireless Systems and AirGoggle(TM) Network Based Video Security Systems, announced today that it is rolling out its AirEther(TM) CB54 and CB54 long range wireless systems based on the IEEE 802.
H7 creates, executes and maintains intelligent high tech surveillance systems that provide 'earlier' warnings for long range incursions that allow for rapid responses in the prevention of terrorist attacks.
Our partnership with Artemis will enable our customers to create and maintain a comprehensive long range plan and continuously optimize it against reliability and financial objectives.