Long Tail

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Long Tail

The potential for online retailers to make more money than their bricks and mortar counterparts because there is virtually unlimited "shelf space" to offer products. Another key factor is that merchandise is offered via recommendations with links from one product to another so that people who purchase one item are encouraged to look at several others. Most notably, book, video and music sales, where there is a vast supply of product, have benefited significantly from this approach, exemplified by Amazon.com, Netflix and Rhapsody.

Less of More
Theorized by Wired Magazine editor Chris Anderson, who turned the notion into a book in 2006 titled "The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More," the title refers to a graph showing fewer products selling in large quantities versus many more products that sell in low quantities. The low-quantity items stretch out on the x-axis of the graph, creating a very long tail that generates more revenue overall. Even though a smaller quantity of each item is sold, there is a much greater variety of these items to sell.

Anderson asserts that the Long Tail manifests in Google and eBay, which derive significant revenue because they deal with a huge number of customers. He also mentions blogs and wikis as benefactors of the Long Tail as more people contribute editorial material than ever before. For a most interesting exploration of this online phenomenon, read "The Long Tail" by Chris Anderson (Hyperion, 2006, ISBN 1-4013-0237-8).

The Long Tail
When companies sell a large variety of products online, a graph of all products sold generates the long tail.
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In coordination with IAB Long Tail Alliance Fly-In, the IAB announced that, for a limited time, small publishers are eligible to experience membership in the premier interactive advertising trade association and can apply for a special $399 membership rate.
With its long legs, long tail, claws, and teeth, Archaeopteryx looked like the small, bipedal dinosaurs from which birds evolved, according to a theory popular among paleontologists.
While blogs and other long tail content attract highly targeted audiences and are of tremendous appeal to marketers seeking to reach elusive demographics, current advertising models are still not optimized to reach these fragmented audiences.
The tether suddenly snapped just past the end of a 40-foot metal boom aboard the shuttle, sending the payload and its long tail floating into space.
Now the long tail of market researchers, amateur or professional, can afford to study the long tail of topics - not just which cola people prefer, but what features would appeal to swimmers in a pool thermometer.
But the plotted results also show a long tail, indicating that about 3.
Netconcepts released a white paper last month, "Chasing the Long Tail of Natural Search," which details the dynamics of the long tail phenomena and how e-commerce marketers can capture unbranded keyword searches.
Now, by looking specifically for sodium atoms in the moon's vicinity, a team of researchers has discovered that the moon's sodium atmosphere stretches out into a long tail pointing away from the sun.
However, the long tail of claims reserves for motor third party liability and workers' compensation exposes the company to the risk of adverse reserve developments.
Best believes that a disadvantage of the company's specialist approach is the concentration of risks written in the long tail liability sectors, where awards inflation can materially impact performance in future years.
Versaly[R] Entertainment is a leading mobile media and entertainment company that develops, produces and markets the highest quality, largest and most diverse library of long tail content to global consumers.
The explosion of long tail content and the willingness of large content owners to distribute their premium catalog over IP networks, together with the ability of mobile, PC, CE, and set-top devices to act as networked media playback devices, are generating a broadband video "perfect storm" that will gather strength over the next three years.